Jun 6, 2014

CUSO Volunteer to Guyana, Ron Cheong

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Congratulations to Ron Cheong who leaves on August 9th and will be stationed in Georgetown for eight months. 
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His role is to lead the development and implementation of a Results Based Management (RBM) framework and supporting systems, such as used by many UN Agencies, NGO’s and governments to help improve decision making, transparency and accountability.
The process involves making linkages between program inputs (resources) and activities all the way through to the eventual program impacts. It also requires that systems be set up to gathers information of relevance and timeliness to the evaluation of the effectiveness of programs as they are rolled out, and provide knowledge of what works and why.

It will be a collaborative undertaking involving the Guyana Cuso Country Office and Cuso partners like youth Challenge Guyana and Women Across Differences, who run programs to assist disadvantaged youth in areas such as health, education, training and employment.

He writes:

I am proud to have been selected by Cuso International, one of the largest and most respected volunteer agencies in North America, for an eight-month volunteer assignment in Guyana.  There I will use my skills, education, volunteer background and over 30 years of experience at Scotiabank, to help improve the effectiveness of programs sponsored by Cuso and their partners.

As Canadians, we can be proud of Cuso and their uniquely Canadian way of taking the Canadian brand to the poor and underprivileged of this world.   And on their focus of sending people – skilled professionals, to bring sustainable change through long-term projects, rather than sending money and undertaking short-term projects or emergency missions.  In this way, Cuso has brought meaningful change to and turned around the lives of thousands of underprivileged and vulnerable individuals.

For more on the work of Cuso; volunteer stories; the tremendous impact on local societies; and Cuso’s thematic areas of youth, gender issues, health, education, secure  livelihoods, justice, civil society, and climate change; please click on this link to Cuso’s website (http://cusointernational.org/).

Cuso is also fortunate to have a very generous arrangement with the Canadian government by which every $1 donated by the public is leveraged on a 9 to 1 basis by the federal government. That means a $25 donation becomes $250 and a $500 donation becomes $5,000. This is a unique and powerful way for individuals to direct their tax dollars to a cause they believe in.

I ask you to support me in supporting this worthwhile volunteer undertaking which has changed so many lives for the better, and which in many cases is that single ray which reaches into the darkness and illuminates a way out.   If your donation touches one life I would say that it’s money well spent.  Please click on this link to make your tax-deductible donation to support my efforts in Guyana: http://bit.ly/SbB08T



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