Dec 8, 2019

Dr. Kofi Dyrimple's Address to Graduatinng Saints Students

Nov 2, 2019

Saints 2020 Golf Tournament at New Location


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The 2020 Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Sat., 11 July, 2020.  However, this year, the tournament has been moved to a new and exciting location, the Lebovic Golf Club located at 14020 Leslie Street, Aurora, about 700 m. north of Bloomington Rd. and about 1.5 km. west of Hwy 404.  This club is not a public or community owned club, nor is it a club organisation with memberships, but is a private club where play is by invitation only or by participation in a charity event.

About the Club

The club was opened in May 2016 and was ranked by Golf Digest as the 3rd best new golf course of that year.  It is an 18-hole championship golf course designed by world renowned course architect Doug Carrick, with a par 70 layout set upon 150 acres of rolling hills on the Oak Ridges Moraine in Aurora. With breathtaking view and natural beauty, the course challenges both the expert player and novice alike.  The following is a review taken from On The Tee on-line golf magazine.

“Carrick creatively used the land he had to shape a solid test mixing a nice combination of length and precision, elevation changes and forced carries in the design.  The yardage may not seem lengthy, since the par is only a 70, however don't get fooled thinking the course is a push over.  Generous fairways make the design friendly off the tee, while the approaches are considerably more demanding than the tee shots.  The slick and deceptive green complexes are the prime defense of the round.

“York Region is filled with a wide range of terrific golf experiences.  A vast collection of the region's public play courses and nationally recognized private enclaves is centered along the glacial deposits of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  Lebovic is a fine addition to this collection, featuring a strong series of windswept holes and a solid collection of holes surrounded by beautiful trees and routed around pods and wetlands.  A fun test of all aspects of your game,  this new kid on the golfing block will most likely be remembered for having some of the slickest greens you will find anywhere.”

Who owns this club?

The club is owned by Lebovic Enterprises Ltd. (1953), a building and development company which was established by brothers Joseph and Wolf Lebovic, Czech natives who survived the Holocaust and made their way to Canada in 1949.  This business became a great success, making a significant and extraordinary impact on the design and construction of new homes and buildings in the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario.

Joseph became the human face of the company and was a member of several Boards of Directors.  He has received many awards and acknowledgements and, in 2013, received the prestigious BILD Lifetime Achievement Award, and served as the national and provincial President of the Urban Development Institute and also on its Board of Directors for over 20 years.

In early 2019, Joseph and Wolf Lebovic each received the Order of Canada medal for their contributions and successes in helping to build a better Canada.

Why move to this club?

The brothers felt extremely grateful to Canada for accepting them and allowing them the opportunity to become very successful through their hard and honest work.  They believe that they now should give back to the country which had adopted them.  Having already provided for their families, they have established a charitable foundation, The Joseph Lebovic Charitable Foundation, which has donated to many charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The Foundation encourages its donees in their fund-raising efforts and participates with them in their efforts.  For a donee using a golf tournament in its efforts, it invites the organisation to play at the Lebovic Golf course and provides a charitable donation to defray the costs of using the course.

The following is a list of some of the charities which have taken advantage of this offer.

            Amici Camping Charity

            Arthritis Society

            B’nai Brith of Canada Foundation

            Bridge to Health

            The Canadian Hearing Society

            Canadian Junior Golf Association

            Colorectal Canada

            Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

            Diabetes Hope Foundation

            Jewish National Fund, Canada

            McMaster University

            St. Andrew’s College

            Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation

            Special Olympics Ontario

            Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

            Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

            Toronto SickKids Foundation

            Women’s College Hospital Foundation

It is not easy to obtain an invitation to play at this club.  Fortunately, one of the members of our Golf Sub-committee was invited to play in a charity tournament there and was impressed with what had been offered by the club.  He was able to obtain the contact information of the management of the club and arranged a meeting.  Unfortunately, every playable week-end of the year had already been reserved for other charities which tended to repeat every year.  He asked that we be put on a wait-list and be contacted if and when an opening occurred.

In the summer of this year (2019), an opening was made available starting in 2020, and we were invited to take this place.

The benefits to our Alumni Society

After accepting the invitation to play in 2020, the Foundation made a very sizeable donation to our Society to defray most of the cost of playing at the club.  This cost includes HST, and about 70% of this can be reclaimed from the government since the Society is a registered Canadian charity.  When we consider the part of the participation fees which will not be used for expenses, the Society should be able to raise its income from this event to two or three times what it has experienced on the past years.

There also are benefits to the golf participant, more than received at any previous club.  In addition to the usual access to the changing rooms and golf carts, the club provides the following.

-           a FULL breakfast

-           a large buffet lunch

-           3 free tickets for drinks (available at 3 holes on the course or in the club house)

-           3 holes on the course where various types of snacks (sliders, finger food, etc.) will be available

Result of change in venue

With the benefits being offered by the club, the cost of playing at the club has been assessed at a market price of $300.  However, this price is more than double that which the Society has been charging, and the Society does not consider it fair suddenly to raise the price to this level.  Therefore, the price for the 2020 tournament has been set at $150, an increase of $25 which surely covers the cost of the extras if these had been purchased separately at any other club.

We shall be sending out the formal notice and registration form at a later date but, in the meanwhile, we ask you to keep this date open for playing in our tournament.  We invite you to register and participate so that we can continue to help the College in Guyana to create a suitable environment for the education of the children in current and future attendance at the school.

New Executives of SSCAAT and SSC(G)AS

Members of the SSCAAT Executive (From Left to Right): Renuka Persaud Rene Bayley, Paul Camacho, Des Jardine, Akisha Somrah. Jimmy Fung, Savi Seenauth, Tyrone De Abreu, Andrew Insanally, Malcolm Barrington, Art Veerasammy, Amanda King, Marcelline Ramcharan

Members of the SSC(G)AS Executive (From Left to Right): Godfrey Whyte, Savi Seenauth, Jimmy Fung, Rene Bayley, Wilfred Carr, Rupert De Castro, Paul Abdool, Des Jardine, Andrew Insanally, Vibert Lampkin

Oct 13, 2019

Saints Women's Hockey Champions

Players of the women’s champion team Saints are all smiles following their league triumph. 

GCC The Sequal and Saints clinched this year’s Guyana Hockey Board (GHB), Bounty Paper Towel-Quicker Picker Upper second-division hockey league titles on Saturday at the Saint Stanislaus College Ground.
The Sequal secured a 5-0 win over SHC Savages on the back of braces from Alan Fernandes and Devin Hooper to remain at the top of the points table thereby clinching the title while Saints played to a nil-all draw against GBTI GCC Spice which also saw them finishing as points leaders in the women’s division

Players of the women’s champion team Saints are all smiles following their league triumph.  

Oct 8, 2019

Saints Sports Report Sept 2019

Saints Annual Fall Dance 2019

Saints' New Year's Eve Dance 2019

Notes of Gratitude

Rosemarie Shiwbaran

My name is Rosemarie Shiwbaran and I have been associated with Saints since I started attending the college in September, 2008. I've learned so much during my time spent there from my teachers that I know worked hard to help myself and my colleagues. I greatly look forward to the opportunity of being able to teach at the Saints coming September 2020 and to continue to be involved with the college. 

I want to extend a great thank you to the Alumni and all persons responsible for providing this scholarship opportunity for me to attend the University of Guyana. I'm sure the knowledge gained will help me to better equip my students for their future. It is greatly appreciated.

Jemuel Parasram -

"I would like to extend a warm thank you to the Saints Alumni for this wonderful opportunity to further my interests within Business Management. I must say as time counts down towards the end of my journey, I must express how grateful I am for the support that was given to me during my time here. I believe my adventure here at the university has exposed me to a wide array of knowledge that I wish to use to develop others who wish to pursue a career in business development. 

I am excited to ignite my career in Business & Professional Development as I embark on the three year teaching services at St. Stanislaus College of which I have plans of adding a modern touch towards teaching and methods of learning."

Shemaka Felix

I entered the Saints family in 2008 and I, thankfully, am still a part of this large group of wonderful and influential people. When I started to teach English Language and Literature in 2016, it was never in my wildest thoughts to be awarded a privileged scholarship by the Local and Toronto Alumni to attend the University of Guyana.

My experience at the University so far has been life changing as I have been exposed to many educational conferences, and have lead discussions and lectures of my own where I have had professors and doctors listen to my thesis and comment on my job well done. Therefore, I must extend heartfelt gratitude to the Local and Toronto Saints Alumni for giving me this opportunity to attain my Bachelor’s Degree. I look forward to fulfilling my end of the bargain by committing myself to educating the students of St. Stanislaus College for the next coming years, starting in September, 2020. I must also thank Ms. Baksh for recommending me to the Alumni for this excellent programme, to Thomas Singh for being our mentor, to Mr. Chris for always being alert to all of our issues, and to Suresh for his occasional check-ins.  

Arrianna Mahase

I am truly grateful to the St Stanislaus College Alumni for affording me the opportunity to further my tertiary education.  The giving helpful and generous nature of St Stanislaus College Alumni has been an inspired me to also give back to my community by volunteering where ever I can. I hope someday I too will be able to afford other students the opportunity you have given me

Saints CXC Results

Sep 28, 2019

Saints Press Release

Press Release
100% Saints’ Students Win Seven or More CSEC Subjects, College Keeps Top Spot in Eighteen
Subjects at CSEC in 2019
GEORGETOWN, DATE OF RELEASE. Saint Stanislaus’ College continues its quiet march at the top of
student performance in 2019, with all eighty-three students on the Saints Team who wrote the 2019
CSEC Exams, obtaining Grades 1-3 passes in seven or more subjects. Remarkably, every student
obtained a high performance pass in Math and English. Of the 27 subjects offered, the school
obtained 100% Grades 1-3 passes in Maths, English and sixteen other subjects. The School obtained
a Grade 1-2 pass rate of 94% Maths and 99% in English, with the remainder of students all obtaining
Grade 3’s.
In expressing his congratulations, College Board Chair Mr Chris Fernandes said, “In keeping with our
College Motto, Aeterna Non Caduca – Not for this Life Only but for Eternity, no child has been left
behind. At Saints, we work together as a team to make Saints a top-class contributor to a good and
sustainable future for Guyana.”
The College focusses on supporting Guyana’s youth to become well-rounded citizens with a strong
sense of values and leadership for their community. In 2014, the College introduced its Back to
Basics programme that concentrates on student quality and based on the belief that every student
has a right to the opportunity to succeed. The programme rests on the principle of giving each
student a strong foundation in the core elements of a rounded education and is geared towards
providing students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to pursue further education in a
range of disciplines and with the ability to make positive contributions to the sustainable
development to Guyana.
“We have done it again,” said Saints Principal Fazia Baksh. “with the dedicated and hard-working
staff, and the commitment of parents, the Board, the Alumni Associations, and especially the
children, we have incomparable results. I’m particularly pleased that we obtained a 100% pass rate
in Maths, where the national and regional average was below 50%. We want to recognize the
highflyers, and we want to recognize the performance of the entire cohort of students. It speaks to
our commitment to the Team.”
Saints also had a stellar year at the CAPE Examination, with Grades 1-3 pass rate average of 98%, in
nine subjects, including 100% passes in Biology, Caribbean Studies, Environmental Science,
Geography, Management of Business, and Physics. 95% or more students obtained passes in
Chemistry, Communication Studies and Pure Mathematics.
The College would like to highlight the critical involvement of parents or guardians and the
invaluable benefits that are achieved when partnerships are formed between parents and staff.
The Board of the College, the Parent Teachers Association, the Alumni Associations and the
Administration wish to congratulate the students, parents and teachers for their outstanding
achievement and looks forward to their commitment to even more success.
And Saints goes marching on.

Sep 6, 2019

Conrad Gorinsky R.I.P

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As a young woman lay dying after being bitten by a venomous sea snake in Papua New Guinea, Conrad Gorinsky bemused his fellow explorers by smearing her swollen leg with mashed mango.
A world authority on the medicinal properties of tropical plants, whose reputation was later tarnished by allegations of “biopiracy”, Gorinsky was familiar with the ancient treatment for snake bites used by the indigenous people. The girl made a full recovery.
A veteran of many such expeditions, Gorinsky would distract his fellow explorers from eerie noises in the jungle as he told stories around a campfire about growing up with the Wapishana tribe in the rainforest of British Guiana (now Guyana), South America. He learnt to fish by watching them chew the leaf of the barbasco bush, roll it into a ball and throw it in the river. After the fish had nibbled the ball, their nervous systems would be attacked and they would jump obligingly on to the riverbank.
Infusions from the bark of the greenheart tree would treat fevers. The grated nut of the tree was chewed by the women if they needed a contraceptive. Years later, as an academic at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, Gorinsky set about isolating the chemical compounds of these jungle remedies.
In the 1980s he patented cunaniol (from the barbasco bush) as a stimulant to the nervous system that could unblock arteries and temporarily stop the human heart without damaging it. He also patented the compound from the greenheart tree, which he called rupununine, as an antipyretic to treat diseases such as malaria and cancer. The patents were registered in the US and Britain. Gorinsky talked to pharmaceutical companies and venture capitalists with a view to marketing them.
A proto-environmentalist who was a quarter Amerindian, Gorinsky had a vision of creating a “pharmacopoeia” of jungle compounds. “The forests are like a big library and the people of the forest are librarians,” he liked to say. However, his vision of saving the Amazon turned into a nightmare when Wapishana tribespeople accused him of stealing the secrets of the jungle.
Gorinsky had become internationally respected in the Seventies as a co-founder of the charity Survival International, which campaigns for the land rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon. A fellow of Green College, Oxford (now Green Templeton College), Gorinsky had talked about creating a university of ethnobiology in Brazil at which the shamans of the Amazon would be “barefoot professors”. He was convinced that there were thousands of undiscovered cures still to be found.
Some thought his ideas overblown, others took him seriously. He was once invited to the House of Commons science select committee to explain his “debt for nature” plan to sell jungle medicines as a way of paying off the millions that South American nations owed western banks. For all his good intentions, his enterprise ended in disaster. He claimed that he wanted to protect the intellectual property rights of the tribespeople who had developed the cures over generations. However, in 1990 members of the Wapishana tribe demanded that he revoke the patents. Some tribespeople claimed that he would be avenged by the spirits whose wrath Gorinsky had incurred by stealing their secrets. Gorinsky, who was working in Venezuela at the time, found himself condemned as a “colonial scientist” and deported.
He recalled: “I wanted to help them [indigenous tribes] sell their knowledge to the outside world without being exploited by governments and western multinationals. To do that I needed to establish legal title to their genetic heritage. If someone else established patents, I wouldn’t be able to research those genes . . . The idea was to share the proceeds with the tribes.”
Tall with a jaunty gap-toothed grin, Gorinsky could morph from seriousness to silliness in an instant. By his own admission, he was naive and lacking in business acumen. He claimed to have been exploited by his business partners and said that rival pharmaceutical companies and scientists turned the Wapishana tribe against him.
The Convention on Biodiversity, signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, effectively nationalised plant resources and outlawed the patenting of organic compounds by individuals. Gorinsky could have retained his American patents because the US did not recognise the convention, but he allowed them to lapse, claiming to the end that he would never have betrayed the indigenous communities whose heritage he shared.
Conrad Gorinsky was born in Parubaru, near the Kuyuwini river, in British Guiana in 1936. His father, Caesar Gorinsky, had emigrated to Brazil from Poland to prospect for gold. He did not find any, but he did find a wife, Nellie Melville, who was half-Amerindian. The couple settled at a ranch in Good Hope in the north, which Caesar had won at cards. It was 300 miles from the capital, Georgetown, which in those days could be reached only by river: a journey that could take months.
Conrad was educated at a Jesuit school in Georgetown. At the age of 17 he sailed for Britain, attended night school and enrolled at Birkbeck College, University of London to study botany and chemistry. While there he met Beatrice Woolhouse, who was studying crystallography. They married in 1967. She became a lecturer. He is survived by their two sons and a daughter: Julian, who leads a private life; Roland, a solicitor, and Christina, who is an English teacher.
Gorinsky went on to do a PhD at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London and became a lecturer, building his own ethnobotanical laboratory. He joined many expeditions to tropical rainforests. His knowledge of tribal customs and patois proved invaluable. In return, he gained a passage to collect plants, never removing specimens without the permission of a local chief.
His first expedition, led by Robin Hanbury-Tenison, was to navigate the Orinoco river by hovercraft in 1968. He also made several trips with John Blashford-Snell, a British army officer and explorer. One of their missions was to deliver a grand piano to the Wai-wai tribe in a remote village in Guyana at the behest of a local chief who thought the instrument might persuade young members of the tribe not to leave. Their party, which included a choirmaster and piano tuner, landed at the nearest airstrip, where they were promised that 100 sturdy Wai-wai would be on hand to lug the piano to its final destination ten miles away. Only six were there. They slowly pushed the piano through the jungle on a wooden sledge. Ever resourceful, Gorinsky found a canoe that could take the weight of the piano and took it to the village through rapids. When they arrived, they asked about their supposed 100 helping hands. The chief said: “We did not think you would make it.” The piano is still being played, but Gorinsky often received letters requesting a tuner to be sent deep into the jungle.
A keen cook and gardener, Gorinsky drove a battered Austin 1300; he had spent his life savings on his research. He never gave up when his latest venture collapsed. He would soon embark on a new one, even though he knew that his poor administration skills would usually spell doom. “I’m always building a new Titanic from the wreckage of the last,” was one of his favourite sayings. His family will create a website for his huge database of medicinal plants.
Ethnobiology is now taught at many universities, which is partly down to Gorinsky and his passion for the Amazon. As swathes of the rainforest burn this week, some would argue that such activism was never more needed.
Conrad Gorinsky, chemist, was born on March 7, 1936. He died of pneumonia after being treated for nasal cancer on August 18, 2019, aged 83

Aug 20, 2019

St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association (SSCAAT)

The St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto Chapter (SSCAAT) is open to all past alumni of our beloved college, St. Stanislaus College in Guyana.  We are calling on past alumni who would like to bring their ideas and enthusiasm to the Executive Committee to join and apply for positions to serve on the Association.  
A bit about the Association's work:
This year, to date in 2019, the Toronto Chapter, has donated just over $20,000 CDN to the College for new technology.  This equips the school and students with access to education through technology.  Items include 3 projectors and screens, 15 desktop computers,11 of which are high end Intel I7 small form factor systems as requested, 11 LCD monitors, and copy paper.  
With a commitment to furthering science, the association has also sponsored two Pueblo Science Volunteers to go to Guyana and share their knowledge with experimental learning tools and science 
Important contributions to students also have been funded by our Toronto Association in the form of scholarships to the University of Guyana awarded to Saints graduates with high academic standing but challenged economic means and funds to current students in attendance.  UG Scholarships funded $4000+ USD, Prize Day Awards $3000+ USD, Teacher Christmas Dinner & Bonus, $2500 USD all in 2018.

We encourage these recipients to one day give back when they are able to, just like we are doing now with our alumni, by encouraging you to join the Association!  Come and be a part of this important organization that is committed to furthering education and making a meaningful impact on the lives of students who attend St. Stanislaus College in Guyana.  Your time will make a difference to someone and you will have fun too.
I encourage you to come out to the Meeting to elect the Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 year this September in Scarborough.  
 Date: Sunday, September 8th
Time: 1  p.m.
Address: 4544 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough  (Saints Boardroom located in the basement level)
Submit your names to us if you are interested in any position on the Executive Committee and we hope you are!  Kindly see the attached.
Another way to help is to become a member.  As a member of the Association, you can attend meetings, contribute, and have input but don't have to be on the executive committee.  It's a great way to meet your old school mates, give back and have fun.  The cost is $25 CDN. for one year of membership and $100 CDN for five years.      Please contact me if you'd like to become a member!  Funds can also be etransferred to:  (Security Question: school  Answer: ststanislaus)  Note:  all lower case.   
New members, new ideas and enthusiasm is vital to the ongoing success of the association and will benefit our school and the students now and to come.  We remember our own time there and give back to Saint Stanislaus College in Guyana.
“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” – Author Unknown

Amanda King


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the membership of the St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto will be held as follows:

Date:                Sunday, 8th September, 2018

Time:               1:00 p.m.

Location:         Century 21/CAMDEC

                         Saints Boardroom

                         4544 Sheppard Ave East

                         Toronto, Ontario M1S 1V2

There will be refreshments (food and drink) to allow alumni to renew acquaintances.

Members in good standing, as of the date of the meeting, are eligible to vote on all issues raised at the meeting, including the election of the new Executive Committee for the year 2019-2020.  Members not in good standing can become eligible to vote at the meeting on payment of their current membership dues.

The Secretary of the Association will accept properly seconded nominations for positions on the Executive Committee, up to the date of the meeting.

Your presence is requested to participate in conducting the business of the Association, including the election of a strong and vibrant new Executive Committee.  Please bring (and encourage to attend) as many of your old school friends as possible.  Your and their involvement in the Annual General Meeting will ensure the successful continuation of the Association for the benefit of the College in Guyana.

Dated:  at Toronto, Ontario, on the 20th day of August 2019.

Des Jardine

Secretary (2018 - 2019)



(See reverse of this page for Agenda of the Annual General Meeting)

------------------------------------------------------------------                                                         PROXY FORM




If you wish to appoint a person other than the persons designated on this form, please insert the name of your chosen proxy-holder in the space provided.

The undersigned member in good standing of the St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto hereby appoints Roger Devers, President, or, failing him, Des Jardine, Secretary, or, failing them, Andrew Insanally, Treasurer, or

(print name of person appointed)____________________________________________

as proxy-holder of the undersigned, with the power to attend, vote, and otherwise act for and on behalf of the undersigned with respect to all matters that may come before the AGM of  8th September 2019.

_________________________________                            _________________________________

Signature of Member in Good Standing                                  Day                     Month              Year


8th SEPTEMBER, 2019

Start Time – 1:00 p.m.    End Time - 3:00 p.m.

Location: Century 21 CAMDEC (Saints Boardroom)

4544 Sheppard Ave East

Toronto, Ontario M1S 1V2


Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

Matters arising out of Previous Minutes

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Reports of Special Committees:

       FINANCE - Financial Status / Audit, Endowment Fund

       FUND RAISING EVENTS - Entertainment / LLL Tasks


       ADMINISTRATION - Correspondence, Hearts & Flowers, Membership

       MARKETING - Newsletter, Publicity, Website (Association and School)

       SCHOOL - Facilities, Information and Communications Technology, Communication


Nominations for and Elections of new Executive Committee

New President's Acceptance Speech

Other/New Business - Appointment of Auditor




(1)  there are two corporations with the same objective of providing assistance to St. Stanislaus College, Guyana, one being St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto, (SSCAAT), a not for profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of  Ontario, and the other being St. Stanislaus College (Guyana) Alumni Society, {SSC(G)AS}, a not for profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario which has been granted charitable status under the Income Tax Act, and

(2)  the membership lists of the two corporations are the same; and

(3)  many (if not all)  of the members of one corporation’s Executive are also members of the other corporation’s Executive; and

(4)  the same people who are involved in fund- raising for one corporation are the same people who are involved in fund-raising for the other corporation; and

(5)  there is a potential (if not actual) situation for confusion by both members and outsiders about the difference between the two corporations and the need for two similar corporations;


(1)  the two corporations effect a merger as soon as possible, starting with the election, at the Annual General Meetings of the corporations, of identical compositions of the Executives of the two corporations; and

(2)  SSC(G)AS will be the surviving corporation; and

(3)  SSC(G)AS will assume all the assets and liabilities of SSCAAT; and

(4)  SSC(G)AS will honour all existing contracts and agreements of SSCAAT; and

(5)  SSC(G)AS will continue with all current and underway fund-raising activities of SSCAAT and SSC(G)AS; and

(6)  SSC(G)AS will make the appropriate changes to its Constitution to allow for the dissolution of SSCAAT.

(7)  SSCAAT will take the necessary steps to apply for dissolution of the corporation and the surrender its Charter.



TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of St. Stanislaus College (Guyana) Alumni Society will be held on Sunday, the 8th day of September, 2019, at 2:30 P.M. at 4544 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario.


  1. Adoption of the Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on September 16, 2018.
  2. Receiving the President’s Report.
  3. Adoption of the Financial Statement of the Association.
  4. Resolution ratifying actions of Officers and Directors on behalf of the Association.
  5. Election of Office Bearers and Directors.
  6. Appointment of an Auditor.
  7. Any Other Business.

Godfrey Whyte,


St. Stanislaus College (Guyana) Alumni Society.

Dated this 21st day of August, 2019.