May 31, 2012

The Indian Diaspora

Indians in Malaysia

East Africa

South Africa



Prince Among Slaves

Prince among Slaves: The True Story of an African Prince Sold Into Slavery in the American South
In 1807, an Irish ship's surgeon recognized a slave at a Mississippi produce market as the son of an African king who had saved his life many years earlier. "The Prince," as he had become known to local Natchez, Mississippi, residents, had been captured by warring tribesmen when he was 26 years old, sold to slavetraders, and shipped to America. An educated, aristocratic slave, Abd Rahman Ibrahima was made overseer of the large cotton and tobacco plantation of his master, who refused to sell him to the doctor for any price. After 25 years of petitioning, Dr. Cox finally gained Ibrahima his freedom, through the intercession of U.S. Secretary of State Henry Clay. Sixty-six-year-old Ibrahima sailed for Africa the following year, with his wife, two sons, and several grandchildren, and died there of fever just five months after his arrival. Prince Among Slaves is the first full account of Ibrahima's life, pieced together from first-person accounts and historical documents. It is not only a remarkable story, but the story of a remarkable man, who endured the humiliation of slavery without ever losing his dignity or his hope for freedom.

May 30, 2012

Last Lap Lime Vendors' Flyer

The LAST LAP LIME will be taking place in Toronto on August 6th, 2012. 

The message below is addressed to vendors. Come ONE, Come ALL


Don’t be disappointed reserve a space on



We expect over 5,000 visitors on

 Monday August 6 2012

At Woodbridge Fairgrounds

Every one of them is your potential customer

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Our Mandate is to:

·       Create an environment reflective of our culture

·       Provide safe, fun-filled family entertainment

·       Promote a profitable fund raising event

·       Donate to charities

To guarantee your business has a booth at this event, please contact Joanne for a  Vendor Application Form, now.


*Completed Application Forms Received prior to June 22nd 2012 will qualify for a 10% discount.


Plays by Colin Bobb-Semple

This play, a Courtroom Drama for Film, TV and Stage, which is presented mainly in a Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey courtroom setting in London, England, concerns the murder trial of a young man of African-Caribbean descent, who became involved in a fatal wounding of another young man of African-Caribbean descent, at a London night club.


Fatal Protest: A 'Riot'?
PREVIEW (Published 29 May)
A protest occurs in London about a death of an African-Caribbean grandmother in police custody; there is a confrontation between the protesters and the police; a police officer sustains a fatal injury, resulting in an Old Bailey homicide trial of the woman's grandson, with tragic consequences.

Nabta Playa

Calendar aswan.JPGEgyptians objected strongly in 1983 when Louis Gossett Jr., a black actor, played the part of President Sadat in a US tv serial
on the latter's life. It was considered an insult to Egypt. The same type of cognitive dissonance is perhaps obvious with regard to their own history, as seen in a comment on the origins of the Civilisation by Amr Atef, tour guide, that the First Egyptians came from Asia Minor  

Even though Egypt is obviously in Africa and the source of the Nile River is obviously in Uganda, the general feeling was that Egyptian Civilisation could not have absolutely anything to do with Africa. (What would have prevented Blacks going north of Aswan when it is now clear that they populated the world?) It had to be, supposedly, an offshoot of Mesopotaminan Civilisation. The New York Metropolitan Museum used to have its Egyptian Collection in its Near East Collection up to the 1980s at least.

That the oldest language family, the Afro-Asiatic language family had to have had its origins in Africa itself is, even today, difficult for many to understand. Of its five sub-groups only Semitic (e.g Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, etc.) is spoken outside of Africa. The fact that the other members of the family (Chadic, Berber, Cushitic, Ancient Egyptian) are/were on spoken on the continent indicates that the proto-language first saw the light of day on the continent too. Try telling anyone that Hebrew and Arabic are, in a sense, African languages!

So, any evidence for the possible African origin of Egyptian civilisation has to be very carefully presented, especially since for many, Arabic is a sacred language. That is why the research evidence particularly from Nabta Playa is particularly important.

Napta Playa Complex 1 2
Napta Playa African Archaeology


Origins of the Ancient Egyptians

Black Genesis

Changes coming to CXC Exams

The most distinguished Caribbean person of Lebanese-Syrian descent, Edward Seaga of Jamaica.

Afro-Descendants in Latin America

In the Motocycle Diaries, Che Guevara  makes this observation: "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations."

All the more reason for everyone to know the history of Africans in Latin America and to critically examine Eurocentric analyses of history.

Brazil: An Inconvenient History


Book Review


Nubia Today

Aswan Temples and the Nubians of Upper Egypt.
Nubian Museum

May 29, 2012

The French Republic

File:Eugène Delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple.jpg

The American Constitution and the Federalist Papers

The American Constitution represents an effort by ordinary men to govern themselves properly with all the checks and balances possible. The Constitutions inherited in the Anglophone Caribbean along the Westminister model may be giving too much power to incumbent administrations and have not been a great success in the former British colonies worldwide . So in working out constitutional frameworks more suited to our societies it might be good to look at the process undertaken to formulate and to promote the ratification of the American one. Perfection, if it exists, doesn't come overnight.

May 26, 2012

Prof. Stuart Hall -The Notion of Representation

Video The Notion of Representation

The Black Mummy of Libya

The British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper (1914 – 2003) infamously made the comment that Africa has no history. Research is putting the lie to that statement in many ways. The problem is that the world as a whole still believes that lie. The African origin of Homo Sapiens still tends to be rejected out of hand by people who prefer to feel confortable with their prejudices. All the more reason for Caribbean peoples to know the truth. So we can start with a mummy which is 5,500 years old.....

a mummy of a child found in Wadi Tashwinat  Acacus by Mori;f=15;t=000742

Chinua Achebe on "An Image of Africa"

The Mystery of the Black Mummy movie posterRelated Book
Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

The Big Bang

Where to start with regard to the Laws of Physics? Perhaps at the very beginning, but even then we can't be sure. A wide range of presentation of the known facts is offered below.
How did the Universe begin?

Guyana Independence 1966

Coat of Arms

Guyana Independence Act
Independence granted to Guyana
Guyana Independence Bill
History and Heraldry
Whose Freedom at Midnight?

A Happy 46th Independence Anniversary to All!

May 25, 2012

Portuguese Emigration to Guyana

The month of May was also that of the arrival of the first Portuguese immigrants to the then British Guiana.

From Madeira to British Guiana

A brief history of Portuguese in Buxton/Friendship



Of Interest

Three Canadian Museums

Dairy Barn - Canada Agriculture MuseumInformation relevant to school projects can be obtained by visiting the sites of these museums.

Canada Agriculture Museum

Technology Park

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Some interesting pages

Related site

May 24, 2012

Peter D'Aguiar

An alumnus of Saints, Peter D'Aguiar and his role in Guyanese history are sometimes forgotten.

Virtual Tour of the Louvre

Students, if you're studying or know French, a useful exercise would be to take the tours in French.
These videos are a good start.
You can switch to English by clicking on Select Language in the top right corner. Some material is only available in French.
General Info
Other Videos

Dr. Joseph Bradford

Alumnus Dr. Joseph Bradford was a co-founder of the Society of Friends for Africa's Development (SOFFAD).

May 23, 2012

King Tut in French and English

In French
In English

Egyptian Museum 1 2 3

How did King Tut Die?
The Curse of the Mummy
Tutankhamun's Treasures;postID=1553829694755670024
The Robbing of King Tut's Tomb

Guided Tour of Cairo Museum 1 2 3 4


The Reconstruction Debate
Picture of King Tut's facial reconstruction

Digital Textbooks

The future of books is largely digital. Ministries of Education around the world have to bear this in mind as part of forward planning.

Ken Corsbie

Since his days at Saints Ken Corsbie has gone on to be a household name all over the Caribbean.
Arriving in America
Monkey Liver Soup
11 o'clock Goods Train
Bajan Directions
Beauty Contests
Oral Inoculation
Standup in DC 1994
Talk and More Talk
Dem Two
Ken Corsbie and Friends and Caribbean Poetry
Ken Corsbie with 3 more Caribbean poems
Ken Corsbie Dances
Ken Corsbie and Friends at Theatre Guild Guyana
Special Guest Aubrey Cummings
Ken Corsbie uploaded Marc Matthews video
(This mango sweet - 1)
(This mango sweet - 3)
Ken Corsbie narrates Caribbean Eye

May 22, 2012

Saints' Alumnus wins $80,000 (CAN) Scholarship

Congratulations to Glinton Hanover, a former student of Saint Stanislaus College (2006-2011), who now attends QC and is the winner of an $80,000 (CAN) scholarship to pursue the Internationale Baccalaureate program at Lester B. Pearson College, Victoria, B.C.

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana David Devine congratulating Glinton Hanover.He attended Saints from Sept. 2006 (after writing the NGSE) to 2011. His results after writing the CSEC in 2011 are as follows: Eng.A -11, Phys.- 1, Chem.- 1, Bio.- 1, PE 1, Human Bio.- 1, Geo.- 11, IT- 11. In 2010, he wrote Maths at CSEC and obtained a grade 1.

As a student of Weld House, he successfully participated in Inter- House Sports and  represented Saints at the Inter-Zone level. His athletic record is outstanding: he  placed first at under 12 and 14, 100m and 200m track events. He placed 1st at Inter School 100m, under 12, thus qualifying for the Zone level. He placed 2nd at Inter House and Schools long jump. Glinton was also a prefect and the top student for SSC at the Physical Education and Sport CSEC Exam.

In the photo, he is seen being congratulated by the Canadian High Commissioner, David Devine.

Glinton Lexroy HanoverLester B. Pearson College is a member of the United World Colleges or UWCs.  UWCs are an association of twelve international boarding campuses situated all over the world. Established in the 1960s in Britain, the schools bring together students from more than a hundred countries to study for two years together in a culture of international understanding, academic excellence and community service. Besides pursuing the demanding International Baccalaureate diploma, a high school certificate accepted in most countries and respected by the world’s most elite universities, students engage in regular service sessions and numerous extracurricular activities. Students are admitted to UWCs through a network of more than 130 national committees operating all over the globe. As UWCs are committed to providing scholarships for their students, admission in most countries is very competitive, with more than a hundred students applying for one scholarship in some countries. After graduation, UWC alumni have doors open to the world’s best universities, with high numbers accepted every year to Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth, as well as to Oxford and Cambridge in Britain.

Glinton met the following criteria:
- A citizen of Guyana with permanent residency in Guyana
- A student of any High School in Guyana with one year left of high school  before graduating at the    time of applying
- No less than 16 years of age and no more than 19 years of age at the time of enrolling at UWC (September 2012)
-GPA for the last transcript on the top 15% of the class
- Commitment to the UWC ideals of international understanding, community service and academic excellence.

The scholarship covers tuition, accomodation, food, books, and in special circumstances may cover the cost of the airfare to and from Canada.


May 21, 2012

History of the Caribbean

French Overseas Départements


A Brief History of the Caribbean
From Columbus to Castro
The Tainos