Sep 24, 2013

Fire Prevention Month 2012 Awardees

The accompanying photographs indicate winners of the Fire Prevention Competition receiving their Cash Incentive for their success at the Essay competition of November 2012. The incentive was made possible by the Barbados Alumni Chapter (on the suggestion of Toronto Saints) represented by Ms. Karen Dhani-Coonjah

Sep 4, 2013

The Evolution of Saints Hockey Club

The Evolution of Saints Hockey Club
Hockey was first introduced at St. Satanislaus College in 1973, by former national captain, Saints old boy and current chairman of the board of governors Chris Fernandes. Mr. Fernandes molded an outstanding team of youngsters who went on to play unbeaten on a school tour of Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago later that decade. Those players eventually formed the GCC Hockey Team and would go on to dominate local hockey during the 80's and 90's. Captain of that Saints side, Mr. Andy Goveia teamed up with Troy Peters during the 90's to form, what would eventually be known as, the Hikers Hockey Club.

The Hikers Hockey Club has since adopted St. Stanislaus College and has been conducting hockey classes for students of the school for a number of years now. As a result of this programme quite a large number of students continued playing hockey even after graduating from the college. On the 2nd of February 2012 a group of past and present students of St. Stanislaus College took the bold step of establishing the "Saints Hockey Club".

Since its formation the Saints Hockey Club has become one of the most vibrant hockey clubs in Guyana. The club is made up exclusively of current and former students of Saints and it competes in all local junior and second division tournaments. The club has shown steady improvements in its short time of existence, the under 21 boys team placed second in their very first tournament, the 2012 Hikers Hockey Club Junior Indoor. The St. Stanislaus College school team also improved dramatically winning the 2010 Guyana National Inter School Competition and the Global Technology Inter School Competition in 2012 and 2013.  The club’s greatest achievement to date however was placing second in under 19 boys category at the 2013 Caribbean Kids International Hockey Festival, which featured local clubs as well as teams from Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.

In addition to making an annual presentation at the first form orientation ceremony, this year Saints Hockey Club sponsored and coordinated an inter-house competition for students of the college. The tournament was played over a three week period in the college’s forum, during the school’s lunch break and it was well received by the general student population with huge turn outs of supporters for the respective houses.   

One of the main values of the club is encouraging a balance between academics and athletics. Testimony to this fact, two players; Mr. Leroy Jack and Ms. Ayeisha Boodie were recently awarded academic scholarships to study medicine in China and Cuba respectively. Some additional players like Miss Charlyn Elliot and Miss Theressa Copeland were also recently accepted to medical school at the University of Guyana and in French Guyana respectively, while Mr. Devon Scott is presently in his second year of medical school at UG.

Some of our goals for the future are, becoming a fully fledged first division club, establishing a scholarship programme for outstanding student athletes and taking our junior teams on international tours.

We view this club as one of the few methods of encouraging old students to remain involved in their school from the time they graduate, this involvement will continue to increase as these individuals mature both personally and professionally.

Robert Fernandes

The Slaughter of Elephants


Walk for Elephants

Sep 2, 2013

M-PESA and Mobile Money

CPR for Allergies


Jeffrey M. Smith



Prince Bandar Bin Sultan


Sep 1, 2013

Fibre-Optic Cables



Venom for Medicine