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Hugo Chavez

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Western Sahara



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Terry Gajraj

Rona (with Apache Warrior)

Indo-Caribbean Man

Dr. Dale Morgan, Distinguished Caribbean Scientist

Dr. Dale Morgan is Guyanese and an alumnus of Saints.


The Nuclear Family

A thing of the past?

Tarek Fatah

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Shabir Ally



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Saudi Arabia



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Blacks in Tunisia

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Balram Singh Rai
decision of balram singh rai to lead an alternative east ... - CIA FOIA

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The Rothschilds

Movie (1934)
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The House of Rothschild

Rothschild Family

The Indelible Red Stain by Dr Mohan Ragbeer  1  2
The Indelible Red Stain Book 2The Indelible Red Stain

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Dr Ragbeer launches 'The Indelible Red Stain' in Markham
Dr Mohan Ragbeer (seated) autographs copies of his book, The Indelible Red Stain with some of the folks present at the book launch displaying their personal copies. (Pix by Adit Kumar)
by Adit Kumar
Dr Mohan Ragbeer launched his two volume series ‘The Indelible Red Stain’ at the Vedic Cultural Centre in Markham last Sunday with commentaries on, and readings from the books. Subtitled ‘Destruction of a Tropical Paradise’ the two volumes seek to explain how the ‘tropical paradise’ called British Guiana, now known as Guyana, was ‘destroyed’ through Cold War politics which subsequently led to racial strife, instability and mass migration of its most brilliant minds.
Dr Ragbeer, a very close associate of Dr Cheddi Jagan and one who had first-hand knowledge and experience of the politics of pre-independence Guyana, explains how the hard core communist agenda of Dr Jagan isolated the country and hindered it from pursuing a path of development within the context of its geopolitical realities.
In the introduction to Book I, Dr Ragbeer writes: “The colony might have escaped US scrutiny were it not strategically located on the shoulder of South America, an ICBM’s flight from the largest centres of industry and population in the USA and Latin America. It had been an important link in the chain of operational bases for Atlantic security during World War II, but became a source of tension in Washington when Cuba embraced the Soviets. The USA became paranoid that an independent Guiana might emulate Cuba, in view of the overt Marxism of Dr Cheddi Jagan...”
As Kenty Khan, one of the presenters at the book launch noted “....And yes! As “The Indelible Red Stain” asserts, we could all have been living in a much different Guyana then, and perhaps now, because as much as he led and inspired Guyanese who loved him for so many great reasons, there were better, more sensible and practical choices and solutions available to Dr Jagan than the ones his immovable, impenetrable, ideological make-up and foolhardiness caused him to pursue.”
Khan went on to state “...But while politics and political history is central to its purpose, the books take us along a journey into Guyana’s interior (which is the backdrop to the work), during which we are told wondrous stories of love and love-making; friendships and folklore. We learn about Guyana’s indigenous Amerindians and the hinterland which is their home; its history (and some World history too); a little medicine; science; religion and religious history; philosophy; constitutional, social, economic histories of Guyana, indenture and colonialism.”
The books are available at, through Kindle and other on-line sellers or from the author by contacting him at

The Persecution of Falun Gong


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

Abdel Moussab Abdelwadoud

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Blacks in Libya


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Nubian issues in Egypt



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The Rohingyas

Bnei Menashe

Recycling water

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Are women safe in India?

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Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


Dec 23, 2012


Bank of the South (BancoSur)
South American countries sign Articles of Agreement of BANCOSUR

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Castro Interview


The Bilderberg Group

An image of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Rome 2012


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Giordano Bruno

A different type of martyr.

The Vatican Observatory

John Agard

Congratulations to Alumnus Johnnie Agard!

Presentation Ceremony


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International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups
Cancer & Cholera Cure in Marine Research
(ICBG) Program - Convention on Biological Diversity


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Saraswati Vidya Niketan!search/profile/person?personId=332913509&targetid=profile

Swami Aksharananda



Swami Intereviewed by Chris Ram

Scholarship named after Dr J.B. Singh

Georgetown —

A Scholarship in the name of Dr. Jung Bahadur Singh has been set up for the benefit of students of the recently commissioned Saraswati Vidya Niketan, the only private Hindu Secondary School in Guyana. The scholarship is being funded by Toronto lawyer, Ram Sahadeo, who made the announcement on May 11, 2003 when the school was officially opened.


Present at the opening ceremony were many businessmen and officials, including Justice Nandram Kissoon, Mr. Ronald Gajraj, Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Yesu Persaud, Chairman of Demerara Distilleries Ltd and representatives from the Ministry of Education.

Individuals from New York and Toronto who helped in raising funds for the construction of the building were also given plaques for their contribution.

A plaque of recognition was also awarded to the Mississauga-based Hindu Seva Sangh temple for its steadfast support of the school project.

Sahadeo said he chose to name the scholarship after Dr. Singh because the late doctor was one of the many Hindu leaders in Guyana who made significant contributions to Indian culture. This scholarship, said Sahadeo, would help to ensure that history does not easily forget Dr. Singh.

The Toronto lawyer further urged that similar scholarships in the name of notable figures, living or deceased, or even in the name of organizations, be set up to assist Guyanese children. One could also bequeath a portion of one’s estate to the school in his/her last will and testament, he said.

Swami Aksharananda, Principal Designate of the institution, endorsed Sahadeo’s sentiments and pointed out that there are many other national leaders who have promoted Hindu values in their public life but have not been recognised. At the present time $500 (Can) per year will fund the tuition for one child at the school.

The Swami stated that there is an immediate need for a lab and residence facilities for overseas teachers. Persons wishing to assist or to set up a Scholarship may call the Swami at 626-4521 (Guyana) or Ram Sahadeo at 905-671-9233 (Toronto).
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Picture: An illustration of alcohol abuse or alcoholism linked to the brain's psychological addiction and dependence.


Breakout by Sukree Boodram