Jul 25, 2017

Saints Last Lap Lime 2017 Volunteers Needed

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Urgent Need for LLL Saints Volunteers

Alumni and Well-Wishers,

In order to make a success of the Last Lap Lime in 2017, SSCAAT needs a large number of volunteers (about 25) to work at different booths on Monday August 7th, 2017.
We also need 5 volunteers to help in setting up tents on the preceding Sunday and taking the same down on the following Tuesday in order to avoid having to pay somebody to do these necessary tasks. Volunteers present on the Monday will be given free entry tickets and lunch. Each volunteer is being asked to cover a four-hour shift.
This year the need for LLL volunteers is even more urgent as only four instead of the usual five schools are participating. Please offer your voluntary services to ensure a financially successful 2017 Last Lap Lime. Without your help this will not be possible.

Please Contact
 indicating your willingness to help.

Thank You

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