Nov 11, 2016

Saints Alumnus Glinton Hanover wins Trent University Medical Scholarship

Clinton Hanover has won yet another award from the science department at Trent,he Dr Omole Medical Award in Biology. This award is given to an upper year student who shows exceptional promise and has a desire to pursue a medical related career.
Charles Omole Medical Scholarship
This scholarship was awarded by Dr. Charles Omole, an alumnus of the original class of 1964 upon his death in 2012. Dr. Omole never forgot how important Trent was on his path to becoming a general surgeon in Wingham, Ontario. This scholarship is awarded to a full-time upper-year undergraduate student pursuing Trent internship or placement courses with the intention to become a doctor or to a student enrolled in current or future Trent University medically related courses or programs.


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