Aug 13, 2012

The US Census: How to fill it in?

US Census Bureau LogoThe one-drop rule is just about the craziest thing which has come out of the U.S. It seems to work in all directions. That we are all "homo sapiens" descended from our common ancestors in East Africa can never be stated too often because most have not come to terms with this scientific fact. Cultural stereotypes also seem to be accepted by all.  Let's look at the confusion which arises in many cases.

Brown People who think they are White

Afro Latino Forum

Afro Latino Panel at UDC  1  2  3

A fair count

Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story

CNN Latino in America: our African roots

Question for Afro-Hispanics

Are Hispanics White?

Surprise Latinos

Tyra Banks show  2  3  4

Halle Berry
Mixed Race Girl


Race in Your Face

Henry Louis Gates: Geneology, Genetics and African American History

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