May 6, 2018

180 Years of Indians in Guyana

Dr. Ramesh Gampat and I (Editors) are pleased to bring to your attention a special eMagazine that was released today to commemorate “180 Years of Indians in Guyana (1838-2018)”.  This 91-page publication contains important data, historical information, and original scholarly papers. On page 2, we provide suggestions for citation of this publication.
To view a flip version (book-magazine like format) of the publication, please click or cut the web link(s) below and paste onto your web browser.
We have also attached a pdf version of the entire publication. Click on the attached pdf file and you should be able to view it by scrolling down or up the entire document. Please circulate it to your friends and colleagues. Thanks.

Somdat Mahabir & Ramesh Gampat

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