Mar 31, 2018

Toronto Kaiteur Lions Club - Electronic Recycling Collection

When you are doing your Spring clean up, here is an opportunity to get rid of some of your stuff without sending them to a landfill, which in turn will help the environment. Here are the most important things to remember.
1. We will take anything with a plug- 
2. We will also take old unusable torn clothes, sheets, pillowcases, bath mats etc. These are recycled into rags for mechanics etc. and you save the landfill.
3. You do not even have to leave your car,- just load up all you have, drive into L'Amoreaux Community Centre, the Lions will unload your contribution and you drive out.
4. REMEMBER THE DATE- MARK YOUR CALENDAR-  SATURDAY JUNE 2, 2018 9:00 am to 3:00 pm L'Amoreaux Community Centre--- SEE FLYER ATTACHED

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