Mar 31, 2012

St. Stanislaus College Postal Stamp

Government of Guyana issued three sets of postal stamps to mark 150 years of Jesuit service in Guyana. As it is engraved on the stamp Jesuits arrived in Guyana in the year 1857. One of their significant services to the nation was St. Stanislaus College. To mark this one of three postal stamp was dedicated to St. Stanislaus College. I wonder whether students are aware of this postal stamp since electronic mail has taken over this old form of communication. 

Postal Stamp to mark Centenary of the College, from 1907 - 2007 

This postal stamp marks a zealous Jesuit missionary Fr Cuthbert Cary Elwes SJ. whose work with Amerindians is commendable. 

This stamp marks the Sacred Heart Church in Guyana, a largest wooden Church which was burnt down 2004 by unpredicted fire. 


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