May 5, 2015

Saints Scouts Summer Camp 2014

Displaying _DSC0097.JPGThe Saints Scout Group has managed to execute yet another successful Summer Camp at the Fungs Retreat, Madewini, Linden/ Soesdyke Highway from the 1st- 3rd August, 2014.The camp was attended by a total of 65 persons- 15 leaders, 12 venturers, 26 explorers and 12 cubs. 

The camping party departed Saints on the Friday 1st August at 9 am in a canter, two pick-up trucks, a fifteen seater mini-bus, and five cars. The team arrived at the campsite around 9:45 am and began campsite development after being briefed on routine camping expectations and campsite layout. They had their pre-packed lunch around 1 pm and continued campsite development afterwards.The Friday evening around 8 pm was lit up with the scouts and a few leaders lighting 60 Chinese Lanterns in a sandpit that we frequent. They were all asked to make personal wishes as they allowed their lanterns to elevate beautifying the sky by adding a wonderful contrast to the million stars above. It was indeed a beautiful sight. The cubs and their leaders slept in tents and the remaining camping party slept under tarps on either ground sheets or in hammocks. Guard duties commenced at midnight until 5:30 am.

Displaying _DSC0124.JPGAfter rising at 5:30 am and the usual PT up the trail afterwards, the cubs were put through a track and trail course while other leaders set up a blind man’s trail. The cubs did not participate in the blind man’s trail as it was designed having to walk through a creek and some crawling in bushes. A few bruises were collected but everyone had fun. Then there was the traditional Saints obstacle course race! The course comprised of the following challenges- tarp crawl, double limbo, climb rope ladders, tire crawl, tire hop, fireman’s chair, owara hop, tennis roll yum, water break, dead man’s/ monkey crawl and rope swing. They were put into teams of three and the best three qualifying teams were given trophies and other prizes. There was quite a bit of rain during the Saturday but the team made the best of the weather. They spent about 1 ½ hrs. bathing and swimming and returned to prepare dinner. Meals for the cubs were prepared on a gas stove and wood fires were used for the explorers, venturers and leaders. The poor weather was the main reason for no campfire which was already built but most of the scouts stayed up throughout the night mingling and managing their individual fires. There were four fires. Guard duties commenced at midnight until 5:30 am.

Displaying _DSC2893.JPGAfter breakfast on Sunday, there was Scouts’ Own. It was traditionally started with the regular songs then we sat and shared thoughts about inner peace and what makes people happy. It was an idea that Rovindra brought back from Curacao which is relatively new to Guyanese scouts. Lots were shared but the end of it all, strong family oriented values and practices remained the reason for happiness.The cubs, explorers and venturers did air rifle shooting at printed targets and plastic bottles. I must say that it appears we have quite a few marksmen in the group! After lunch, there were the paintball games! This was participated by the venturers, a few explorers and a few leaders. This activity took some time to get going but it was worth the wait. The five teams of five had fun with a few extra body marks to show off! Prizes were given to the two winning teams.

The camping party departed the campsite around 5:30 pm as a result of the canter returning about 1 ½ hrs. late. The team arrived at Saints around 6:30 pm safely with no injuries or incidents to report.

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