Mar 31, 2015

Trevor Noah



Mar 30, 2015

The British East India Company

An East India Company grandee.

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Mar 29, 2015

Hieroglyphics in Australia


The Sy Family Business
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Mar 25, 2015

Lee Kwan Yew



Mar 23, 2015

Saints Student Joashaha Drakes in International Debating Competition

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Heartiest Congratulations to Joashaha on her selection. A presentation was made to her at the College from Mr. Vibert Hart, Administrator, on behalf of the Board of Governors on Monday, March 23rd. The competition took place on March 28th at Brescia University College in London, Ontario.  A delegation from the Toronto Saints Alumni Association was there to cheer her on.
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Delivering her speech

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With President of  Brescia College

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With Toroonto Saints delegation and friend
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Presented with gift by SSCAAT President

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Meeting with Guyanese Christina  Lord, International Program Co-ordinator, Brescia University College
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Pride in Achievement
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Meeting more SSCAAT Executives in Toronto

Mar 22, 2015

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

Monica Lewinsky TED

Forbes 2014 Talk


Before They Pass Away

Cover featuring Maasai from Tanzania of Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson published by teNeues, 2014.

TED Video


Henriques: The Book of Mechtilde