May 4, 2015

Saints Scouts Christmas Camp 2014

Saints Christmas Camp 2014 Report

Displaying _DSC0456.JPGOn Friday 21st Dec at approx. 8:30 am, 20 Tain scouts, 4 Sacred Heart scouts and 56 Saints' scouts assembled at the St. Stanislaus College school. We departed at 9:45 am for the Madewini campsite in two mini-buses, three pick-up trucks and three cars. When we arrived at the Fungs' Retreat around 11 am, the camping party settled and had their pre-packed lunches. 

With the excellent sunshine, campsite development was completed around 3 pm with all tarps, tents, dining area, kitchen area and clothes lines assembled. After their 1 1/2 hr bath/swim, the camping party prepared dinner. Afterwards, they then proceed to the sandpit where they lit 80 Chinese lanterns where wishes were made. When the tired cubs returned to the campsite, the older scouts and some leaders remained and played a few games of lighthouse war. Guard duties commenced at midnight.

Displaying _DSC0064.JPGSaturday started at 5:30 am with the usual PT up the trail and then breakfast. While two leaders laid a blindman's course, the others prepared the famous Saints' obstacle course. After lunch, we did the blindman's trail with the older scouts/ venturers which provided much laughter. Then there was the obstacle course race which was much more fun with children all over the place running, climbing rope ladders, doing the limbo, crawling through tyres, tyre hopping, in teams doing the fireman's chair, eating tennis rolls and monkey crawling. With much more people participating this camp, the excitement and fun was doubled. In the night with the star filled sky, the camp fire was excellent with a great fire and wonderful participation from the scouts. When the fire burnt to coals/ ashes, each scout was given their own piece of chicken to roast on sticks. It was a great first time experience for almost all of the scouts. They then toasted marsh-mellows. Guard duties commenced at 1 am.

Displaying _DSC0202.JPGSunday started with PT and then the preparation of breakfast. Immediately after scouts own, the older scouts and leaders began playing paintball games on the field. As the paintball games were being played, others did air rifle shooting, some prepared lunch while some began striking the campsite. Rain began to fall during the games and the scouts collectively decided to go for their baths/ swim before having lunch which was finished being prepared.

After lunch and as the striking of the campsite continued, the cubs had a chance to shoot the paintball guns. The camping party departed the campsite around 5:30 pm with the assistance of an additional pick-up truck. The camp was successful with everyone returning home safely and no incidents to report.

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