May 28, 2015

Saints Educational Trip to Barbados

Paint donated by Harris PaintsOn Sunday 5th April, 2015, twenty one students and three teachers of the St. Stanislaus College embarked on LI 512 bound for Barbados. We arrived in the country at 17:55 hours and were shuttled to the WISH Centre to begin our productive and interesting journey for the proceeding eight days. Upon arrival to this temporary place of abode, students and teachers settled in, unpacked, ate and became familiar with the immediate environs and roommates. A brief meeting was held and students were reminded of the purpose of the trip as well as their expected behaviours and protocols.

Monday 6th April, 2015 was greeted with a hike to Skeetes Bay and the immediate environs of the WISH Centre. Students got their first glimpse of and heard the unique dialect of the residents of St. Phillip. After lunch, the group proceeded to Three Houses Park where they interacted with the locals who were picnicking according to the Easter tradition. We were accompanied by John and Ezra who are employees of the WISH Centre. Later, a hike to Conset Bay and the Conset Fish Market was undertaken. We returned and dinner was served. The rest of the evening was consumed by popular games.

On Tuesday 7th April, 2015, after lunch was prepared and packed, we were accompanied by Ezra as we boarded a bus and headed to Bridgetown. On the bus, students were exposed to dialect by mingling with the passengers and listening to their conversation. With this useful information, students were better able to complete their data sheets which can be termed as successful. At the end of our destination we interacted with huckers, persons at the terminals, supermarkets, and other local shopping complexes. This was very interesting. In the evening we boarded a No.10 bus, headed to the Sheriton Mall Theatre to view a local movie entitled "H.U.S.H.". It helped us to understand the culture in addition to emphasizing the dialect. Evidently, interactions at the food court prior to entering the theatre helped in this respect as well. We subsequently returned to the WISH Centre where dinner was consumed and students retired to bed in anticipation of a full day ahead.

Both students and teachers were awake by 05:45 hours on Wednesday 8th April, 2015. Breakfast and lunch was prepared and we were off to keep our appointment at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus for 10:00 hours. We began with a discourse from the lecturers from the Linguistics department who discussed reasons for studying Linguistics and career choices involved.
We then spoke to the President of the Guild of Students and an executive member of the Students Association who told us about the activities occuring on campus. After the discourse, we were given a private tour of the University's Campus by a second year law student who was also a UWI Stats representative. We returned to the WISH Centre for lunch and rest since we were invited to a panel discussion "Do as I say, not as I do", later that evening. We were transported by the UWI students guild bus to and from this discussion which started at 20: 00 hours and ended at 22:00 hours. This discussion examined the US - VENEZUELAN Relations. The speakers were a representative from the Venezuelan Embassy and a lecturer from the University. This panel discussion provided an insightful view not only about what is going on in the world around us but exposed us to the different dialects that were spoken while emphasizing the language registers.

On Thursday 9th April, 2015, after breakfast the students and teachers visited the Cheapside Market where we were privileged to converse with the vendors and also do some shopping. We returned home where lunch was served and later in the evening we attended a football match at the National Stadium. We returned home, ate dinner, and looked at a movie "Vigilante the Crossing" another locally produced movie. 

Friday 10th April, 2015, we explored the St. Michael /Christ Church districts .We interacted with a few locals but mostly we tried to ascertain if the dialect of the tourists change depending on their length of stay and if a marriage of the European language and the Barbadian language occurs further. We were able to walk along the south coast and engage in a few relaxing activities. We walked up St. Lawrence Gap then made our way to Oistens via bus. At the Oistens fish market we were exposed to another variety of the dialect. We returned to the WISH Centre after a fruitful and rather interesting day.

Teachers and students did their souvenir shopping on Saturday 11th April, 2015 and explored Bridgetown. Upon return to The WISH Centre, we packed our luggage, cleaned our rooms and completed our data.

Sunday 12th April, 2015, saw a safe return travel. Students were handed over to their respective parents /guardians by 16:00 hours.

L. Henry 
Graduate Senior Mistress (Teacher in Charge of the Trip)
S. Roberts
Graduate Head of Department (English)
H. James
Graduate Assistant Master (Mathematics)
Accompanying Teacher
M. Lackna
Graduate Assistant Mistress (English)
Accompanying Teacher

E:\album\Day 3\20150407_125618.jpg
Bridgetown . Heading to visit Museum.

E:\album\Day 3\20150407_142700.jpg

E:\album\Day 3\20150407_142707.jpg
Public Ministries in Bridgetown.

E:\album\Day 4\20150408_101155.jpg
E:\album\Day 4\20150408_114224.jpg
E:\album\Day 4\20150408_114828.jpg

At University Of West Indies.
E:\album\Day 4\IMG-20150408-00155.jpg
On our way to the University.

E:\album\Day 4\IMG-20150408-00168.jpg

E:\album\Day 4\received_840074236063859.jpeg
E:\album\Day 5\IMG-20150409-00221.jpg
My girls and I at the Sheriton Movie theatre.

E:\album\Day 6\IMG-20150407-00143.jpg
Journey by Bus.

E:\album\Day 6\received_840074532730496.jpeg
Picnic in the park.
E:\album\Day 7\IMG-20150410-00229.jpg
Wifi corner at THE WISH Centre.
E:\album\Day 8\20150412_125205.jpgE:\album\Day 8\20150412_125243.jpg

E:\album\Day 2\IMG-20150406-00108.jpg
Heading to meet the locals.E:\album\Day 3\20150407_125737.jpg

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