May 30, 2012

Nabta Playa

Calendar aswan.JPGEgyptians objected strongly in 1983 when Louis Gossett Jr., a black actor, played the part of President Sadat in a US tv serial
on the latter's life. It was considered an insult to Egypt. The same type of cognitive dissonance is perhaps obvious with regard to their own history, as seen in a comment on the origins of the Civilisation by Amr Atef, tour guide, that the First Egyptians came from Asia Minor  

Even though Egypt is obviously in Africa and the source of the Nile River is obviously in Uganda, the general feeling was that Egyptian Civilisation could not have absolutely anything to do with Africa. (What would have prevented Blacks going north of Aswan when it is now clear that they populated the world?) It had to be, supposedly, an offshoot of Mesopotaminan Civilisation. The New York Metropolitan Museum used to have its Egyptian Collection in its Near East Collection up to the 1980s at least.

That the oldest language family, the Afro-Asiatic language family had to have had its origins in Africa itself is, even today, difficult for many to understand. Of its five sub-groups only Semitic (e.g Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, etc.) is spoken outside of Africa. The fact that the other members of the family (Chadic, Berber, Cushitic, Ancient Egyptian) are/were on spoken on the continent indicates that the proto-language first saw the light of day on the continent too. Try telling anyone that Hebrew and Arabic are, in a sense, African languages!

So, any evidence for the possible African origin of Egyptian civilisation has to be very carefully presented, especially since for many, Arabic is a sacred language. That is why the research evidence particularly from Nabta Playa is particularly important.

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Napta Playa African Archaeology


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