May 5, 2012

Alumnus Justice Carl Singh appeals for patriotism

Chancellor of the Judiciary (Ag.), Justice Carl Singh, recently awarded the Order of Roraima, made a stirring call for patriotism to graduating University of Guyana students at its 45th Convocation in 2011.
Delivering the feature address on the topic, ”the University and National Development”, Mr. Singh urged the class of 2011 to give back to Guyana.  He stated "Guyana has given to you; the time has come for you to give back to Guyana.”  He emphasized that “The University of Guyana exists, not only for itself but, for the benefit it brings to our people and our country”, and added that “it is the fundamental principle on which universities are founded and therefore the curriculum’s structure and the development of the university ought to be in recognition of this responsibility to the country, to the common endeavour of human development: social, economical, cultural and technical advancement. “
“The university must remain vibrant in its plans and programmes which should result in beneficial societal transformation,” he said. "With the growth and the development of the country there will be the inevitable high demand for managerial and technical resources", Singh said. "Investment in the University education is a crucial factor for national development."

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