Jul 11, 2016

Boysie Ramkarran

Boysie Ramkarran, a founding member of the PPP, was active in the 1947 elections in Central Demerara in favour of Cheddi Jagan. He had been a member of the Political Affairs Committee, a precursor of the PPP.
He contested general elections of 1953 and won a seat in Legislative Council. However, the Constitution was suspended by Great Britain, the colonial power in those days 133 days after elections.
He was restricted under emergency regulations to between Kitty and Plaisance and was required to report every morning at a specified time to the Kitty Police Station.
He was imprisoned in March 1954 for six months for being in breach of the emergency regulations by failing to report as he was ill and could not do so.
Boysie Ramkarran served as Minister of Works and Communications in the 1957/61 PPP government and Minister of Works and Hydraulics in the 1961/1964 PPP government and was the General Secretary of GAWU between 1975 and 1985.
Boysie Ramkarran  (Back Row, 4th from left)



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