Apr 1, 2016

The Spirit of Kofi

Displaying Revolution Monument.jpgDisplaying Revolution Monument.jpgDear Friends,

This YouTube video has been dedicated in Tribute to the late Mrs Christobel Hughes of Guyana, on this Easter Sunday, 27 March 2016, during the Golden Jubilee Year of Guyana's Independence.

Mrs Hughes and Ms Sharon Granger had requested me to deliver a lecture in Guyana in 2011. Prior legal work commitments did not, however, permit me to deliver a live lecture at that time.
"THE SPIRIT OF KOFI TELLS HIS-STORY" is an account by an 'invoked' Kofi (Cuffy), National Hero of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, of his Revolution against the enslavers in the Dutch colony of Berbice, Guyana, in February 1763. Kofi tells of his rising up out of African enslavement to become Headman of the African people, his formation of an army, the waging of war, the expulsion of the Dutch from most of the Berbice plantations, and his term of rule as Governor of the Independent government of African people, during the Revolution which lasted approximately 10 months.

This was the FIRST Revolution of its kind in the Americas, and preceded the American War of Independence and the Haiti Revolution.

The 1763 Monument in the Square of the Revolution in Georgetown, Guyana, depicts Kofi, Atta, Akara, Accabre and other Africans who led the Berbician Revolution.

Many thanks Carl Browne for uploading.

Yours cooperatively,


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