Jul 7, 2015

Parler Pour Apprendre

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Talking to Learn / Parler pour apprendre Authors: Jennifer Glass, Joan Green, and Kathleen Gould Lundy

2012 WINNER ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS' DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Talking to Learn 50 strategies for developing oral language Jennifer Glass Joan Green Kathleen Gould lundy English Edition

Talking to Learn is premised on the belief that oral language provides the foundation for literacy, and that productive, accountable talk is an essential and achievable component of a classroom that encourages critical inquiry and independent thought. Talking to Learn demystifies the process of oral language development, and offers 50 concrete and classroom-ready strategies for teachers who aim to create supportive, interactive learning environments in which students explore emerging perspectives, voice questions and doubts, and become knowledge builders through sustained and challenging dialogue.

Jennifer Glass is currently Instructional Coordinator of K – 12 ESL/ELD programs in a large, diverse school board. Jennifer has supported English language learners and their teachers in a variety of roles — as classroom and ESL teacher, consultant, and additional qualification instructor. Jennifer has written collaboratively for a variety of resources that include school board, university, and Ministry of Education documents.

Joan Green is former Director of Education for the city of Toronto and a distinguished leader in the public sector. The founding CEO of the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), Joan is a sought-after speaker in North America and internationally. She is the author of many widely used educational resources for students as well as professional development publications on curriculum, assessment, leadership, equity issues, and literacy.

Kathleen Gould Lundy is currently Coordinator of Destination Arts, York University, a joint venture of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Fine Arts. She has been an arts and literacy teacher, consultant, and coordinator for over 35 years, and is a popular motivational speaker in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Kathleen is the author of many professional development books and videos about literacy, equity, and arts education for striving students. Ordering and product inquiries please contact Oxford Customer Care Centre Tel: 1 800 387 8020 www.oupcanada.com/school www.oupcanada.com email: school.customercare.ca@oup.com

 9 78 1 554 7 7998 7 ISBN 978-1-55477-998-7 1 0000 JENNIFER GLASS JOAN GREEN KATHLEEN GOULD LUNDY Talking to Learn. 50 STRATEGIES FOR DEVELOPING ORAL LANGUAGE French Edition IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning
Authors: Jennifer Watt and Jill Colyer Available in English and French!

Contents Chapter 1: An Introduction to Inquiry Chapter 2: Assessment of Inquiry Chapter 3: Formulate Questions Chapter 4: Improve Communication Chapter 5: Gather and Analyze Sources Chapter 6: Synthesize, Evaluate, and Draw Conclusions Chapter 7: In Closing Reproducibles References Index Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Assessing Oral Communication Chapter 2: Metacognition Chapter 3: Social Talk Chapter 4: Collaborative Talk Chapter 5: Scaffolded Talk Chapter 6: Interpretive Talk Chapter 7: Modelled Talk Chapter 8: Inclusive Talk Chapter 9: Informed Talk Chapter 10: Presentation Talk Reproducibles Glossary References Index

This professional resource provides a clear and practical tool for Grades 7 – 12 teachers. Highly visual and accessible, it explains the inquiry process and offers practical suggestions and tools for successfully implementing inquiry-based learning in the classroom. Case studies and examples in the book are drawn specifically from the social studies, history, geography, and civics disciplines.

Winner of 2012 Association of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award! Talking to Learn demystifies the process of oral language development in your classroom. It offers 50 concrete strategies for teachers who aim to create supportive and interactive learning environments when students explore emerging perspectives, voice questions and doubts, and become knowledge builders through sustained and challenging dialogue. “Flat” versions “Glossy” versions “Flat” versions “Glossy” versions “Flat” versions “Glossy” versions For pricing information, see p. 31 of “Price List.

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