Jul 10, 2015

Last Lap Lime 2015

It is a little known fact that the Toronto Saints Alumni Association was one of the two alumni groups which first jointly visualised the concept of an annual gathering of Toronto alumni from schools in Guyana, a concept from which the Last Lap Lime was created.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Last Lap Lime and, to honour the occasion and Saints’ initiation of and participation in it, we are offering all purchasers of tickets to the Saints Caribjam dance on Friday 31 July, 2015, an opportunity to obtain tickets to the Last Lap Lime at HALF PRICE.  Instead of paying the advance charge of $10, the purchaser of a Caribjam ticket may obtain a Last Lap Lime ticket for only $5.  This applies also to all who may have already purchased their Caribjam tickets.
Please contact your Saints ticket supplier at your earliest convenience.

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