Jan 30, 2015

Saints Toronto Annual Spring Dance 2015

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St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association, TorontoFrom the start of last December, it looked like we might yet escape a deep snowy winter this year in Toronto.  There were some short periods of snow, followed by some warming and even rainy periods which would see the snow completely washed away.  The last couple of weeks have proved that this year’s winter will definitely not be a repeat of 2010 when I was forced to mow the high grass on my lawn in mid-March!  Winter has returned to Toronto with a vengeance, in both snow amounts and very cold temperatures.  At least, we are not living in Boston which has had about 63 inches of snow falling since mid-January alone, with more to come, thus wresting away this year’s title of snow capital from the perennial favourite of Buffalo!  The winter weather over the last few years has been so variable that the only predictable statement we can make about it is that it is unpredictable!
However, the one sure thing which we can predict is that, come Spring, there will be another annual Spring dance held by the Toronto Saints Alumni Association.  It will be held early again this year, in just about two months from now, just after the main Easter celebrations have been completed.  The Association is considering using the proceeds from this event to assist in the building of much needed new washrooms for the female students at the College.
This dance will take place on Sat. 11 April, 2015, from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and again will be held at theWest Rouge Community Centre, 270 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto (Hwy 401/Hwy 2/Port Union Roadneighbourhood).  The music will be provided by DJ GET BUSY, and the “donation” is only $45 per person.  This is an all-inclusive event, with dinner served from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and an “open” bar for alcoholic and soft drinks (so leave your wallets at home!).  On second thoughts, do bring your wallets with your money as there will be a raffle.
Reserved seating will be arranged for groups of 6 or more attendees so, if you have a large group who wish to sit together, please inform the person from whom you obtain your tickets, and we shall arrange the appropriate seating.
Should you have specific dietary requirements, again please inform the person from whom you obtain your tickets, and we shall make the appropriate dinner arrangement.
The size of the Hall limits us as to the number of attendees whom we can host at this event, so
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Part of the next shipment to the College

WE NEED YOUR HELP….. After 20 years of effort to rehabilitate St. Stanislaus College from the neglect that saw it tumble from arguably the number two or three high school in Guyana to a position of mediocrity, we are pleased to announce that the school is now back to that lofty position once again. Our motto is “Making Saints #1” and we aim to get there. Due to our persistence, in conjunction with the Board of Governors of Saints and the other high schools overseas alumni associations, the Ministry of Education in Guyana is beginning to see the value that we collectively can bring to improving education in the country. The irony is that now that we are in a position to have the greatest impact, all the associations are beginning to suffer from a decline in attendance at our fund raising functions. Without your help we cannot make the investments that are necessary to undertake the improvements that we deem necessary to bring the country back to its former position in literacy, as one of the shining jewels in the world. What we are asking is for you to come out to our spring dance and rub shoulders with other alumni. We promise to entertain you royally, and also give you a chance to tell us what we are doing right, or wrong, in our efforts to help our Alma Mater. Your support is crucial. We are also keenly aware that some of the spouses of our Alumni also belong to other associations, and we will be exploring further ways to co-operate with those associations in supporting their efforts at fund raising. So come on out and help us with this cause. Bring along some of your friends. As the late Howard Bryce would say: “We do it for the Kids”. See you there.
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