Dec 9, 2014

Principal's Report 2014

St. Stanislaus College

Annual Graduation Prize–Giving Exercises
Friday, 28th November, 2014
Principal’s Report

1. Ms. Doodmattie Singh, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Development), Ministry of    Education.
2. Other Officials of the Ministry of Education.
3. Mr. Chris Fernandes, Chairman of the St. Stanislaus College Board of Governors, Mrs. Desiree Fernandes, and other Members of the St. Stanislaus College School Board.
4. Mr. Stewart Hughes, Guest Speaker of this auspicious ceremony.
5. Mr. Joel Trotman, President of the St. Stanislaus College Parent/Teachers’ Association and other Executive Committee Members.
6. Mr. Vibert Hart- Administrative Officer to the
St. Stanislaus College School Board.
7. Representatives of the St. Stanislaus College Old Students Association,
8. Special Invitees, Parents, Teachers, Students.
9. Ms. Chandanie Dyal, an Upper Sixth Form Student who is the Chairperson of today’s special occasion.

A Pleasant Good day to you all.
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Madam Chairman, I have the honour in presenting to this large gathering of stakeholders, the Principal’s Report for the academic year under review, September, 2013 to July, 2014.

This Report is divided into six key areas, namely:

  1. Student Enrolment
  2. Staffing
  3. Curriculum and External Examinations
  4. Co and Extra Curricular Activities
  5. Community Alliance and
  6. Projections

  1. Student Enrolment

The St. Stanislaus College began its academic year in September, 2013 with a total students’ population of Six Hundred and Three (603) students.

This number comprised Two Hundred and Fifty Six (256) boys and Three Hundred and Forty Eight (348) girls. The average number of students per class was Thirty Two (32).

Admissions of the students were done on the basis of the National Grade Six Assessment to Grade Seven and to Grade Twelve, it was based on the (Caribbean Examination Council Secondary School) - CXC-CSEC  2013 results.

A total of Eighty Six (86) students  consisting of Thirty Six (36) boys and Fifty (50) girls were admitted to Grade Seven, while for Grade Twelve, there were Eighty Five (85) students; Twenty Five (25) males and Sixty (60) females.


The school year commenced in September, 2013 with Thirty Seven (37) permanent teachers, Three (3) less than the required entitlement for the college.

The substantive posts held were as follow:

A Graduate Headmistress

Ten Graduate Heads of Departments

Three Graduate Senior Mistresses

One Graduate Senior Assistant Mistress

Two Graduate Assistant Mistresses

Nine Assistant Masters/Mistresses

Six Untrained Graduate Masters/ Mistresses

Three Temporary Qualified Masters

One Temporary Unqualified Master and

One Temporary Assistant Master

The services of the following Part-Time Teachers were also sought in order to assist with the full implementation of the school’s curriculum.

They were:
  1. Mr. Rudolph Deoraj- who taught Applied and Pure Mathematics to our Sixth Formers
b. Mr. Dinband Khushial-a former Headteacher of this said college from 1982-1984 who joined the staff in November, 2013, and taught Additional Mathematics to our Fourth  and Fifth Forms students.

New Appointments

During the year under review, the following teachers joined the St. Stanislaus College staff.

They were as follow:
1. Ms.  Kerna Walcott, who was appointed as a Graduate Head of the Modern Languages Department.
2. Mrs. Sabina Tappin–Daniels, an Assistant Mistress attached to the Home Economics Department.
3. In January, 2014 Mrs. Fazia Baksh, was appointed as a Graduate Deputy Headmistress at the college.
4. While yours truly, was appointed as a Graduate Headmistress, after serving three years in the capacity as an Acting Headmistress.

Displaying dscn6819-qpr.jpgMadam Chairperson!

Our Ancillary Staff at the College is known to be of vital importance to us. Without them, teachers and students will be unable to function effectively.

During the period under review, that special group comprised of:

(a) Two (2) Typist Clerks
(b) One Librarian
(c) An Accounts Clerk
(d) An Information Technology Technician
(e) Three Sweeper / Cleaners
(f) A Caretaker and
(g) A Grounds man who is located at the St. Stanislaus College Ground.

There were three additional appointments to the Ancillary Staff.

They were:
(1) Mr. Trevor Thomas
(2) Ms. Coleen Duncan and
(3) Ms. Jaishree Persaud, all appointed as Science Laboratory Assistants in April, 2014.


In March, 2014 the following two teachers tendered their resignation.

(1) Ms. Shemane Reid, an Untrained Graduate Mistress who was attached to the Modern Languages Department and
(2) Mr. Charles Hutson, a Temporary Qualified Master who was attached to the Information Technology Department.

On October, 25th, 2013, Rhys Duff, Our only Science Laboratory Assistant at the time tendered his resignation to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering at the  University of Amherst in Boston.
While on May 31st, 2014,the college lost our Accounts Clerk,  Ms. Micquel Valladares since she opted not  to renew her contract.  She was replaced by Ms. Sherriann Veerapen

Loss to the College

We at the St. Stanislaus College were all shaken by the news of the disappearance of one of our teacher, Ms. Nyosi Goodman who served in the Social Studies Department as a Graduate Assistant Mistress. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the sorrowing relatives and friends of Ms. Goodman.

The School’s Curriculum

During the year under review, Madam Chairperson, the college continued to offer a broad based curriculum to the students through its Eleven (11) Departments namely:

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Allied Arts
  3. Business
  4. English
  5. Home Economics
  6. Industrial Technology
  7. Information Technology
  8. Mathematics
  9. Modern  Languages
  10. Science and
  11. Social-Studies

The subjects, taught to the students in the first two years that is, in Grade Seven and Eight were all compulsory.
The foreign language Portuguese was introduced to the College’s curriculum in October, 2013 and was offered as an optional subject with French. To date, more than One Hundred (100) students have responded.

In Grade Nine, students were also introduced to additional subject areas namely, Geography, History and Principles of Business.

In June, 2013 One Hundred and Twenty Six (126) students were offered the National Grade Nine Assessment Examination in the four core subject areas. These being:

(a) English
(b) Mathematics
(c) Science and
(d) Social Studies
An analysis of this assessment revealed that 96% that is, One Hundred and Twenty One of our students gained the average pass rate above 50%.

Our Top Performers for this assessment were:

(a) Rashma Surjnarine with an overall average of 81.4% followed  closely by

(b) Akeila Lewis 81.3%  and

(c) Vishwanand Sawh 79.9%

The College extends Congratulations to these students and do wish them continuous success in their future endeavours.

Students, in their fourth year, Grade Ten, were allocated to one of the four streams offered at the college dependent on their ability, aptitude and career interest.

The number of students who opted for the streams offered were as follow:

1. The Arts Stream –Twenty Three (23)Students
2. The Business Stream – Twenty Six (26) Students
3. The Science- Twenty Six (26) Students, while
Displaying dscn6828-qpr.jpg4. The Technical Stream gained Seventeen (17) Students.

In each stream, students studied a maximum of ten subjects. Some subjects were compulsory and these included English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, while some others were optional.

In Grade Eleven, all students wrote the (Caribbean Examinations Council – Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) – CXC/CSEC Examinations. Students were permitted to write a minimum of seven subjects, while the maximum number of subjects written by one of our students for the first time was Fifteen (15) subjects at the CSEC May/ June 2014 Examinations.

Grade Twelve students who gained at least five (5) CSEC subjects with grades 1-111 and these included
English Language and Mathematics - were offered the (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations) CXC-CAPE Examinations in various subject areas.

Esteemed Chairperson and Audience

The academic performance of our students who wrote the CXC-CSEC Examinations in the year under review, 2013-2014 was deemed quite successful!

Twenty Six (26) subject areas were offered. The overall percent passes gained in Grades One (1) to Three (3) was 96%, a percentage that has been increased by 2% from the two previous years.

Special Congratulations are extended to the Class of 2014. We are all proud of you.

May I invite you to applaud their efforts.*

A Brief Analysis of the CXC-CSEC results showed that the following subjects all obtained excellent performances of 100% passes.
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These were:
Agricultural Science –Double Award
Electrical and Electronic Technology
Food and Nutrition
Home Economics Management
Information Technology
Integrated Science
Office Administration
Physical Education and Sports
Physics    and
Technical Drawing

Outstanding performances were achieved in the following subject areas:

  1. Additional Mathematics 92%
  2. Chemistry 94%
  3. Electronic Document and Preparation Management (EDPM) 96%  
  4. English  Language (A) 97%
  5. English Literature  (B) 96%
  6. Geography 94%
  7. Human and  Social Biology 97%
  8. Mathematics 94%
  9. Principles of Business and 97%
  10. Social Studies 98%

Out of the Sixty Five Grade Eleven students who wrote the CXC-CSEC 2014 examination the results revealed that 94% of them matriculated. There were Two Hundred and Eighty (280) Grade Ones, Two Hundred and Forty Grade Twos (240) and Ninety Two (92) Grade Threes Seventy Five (75%) of our students gained seven and more subjects.
Our Top Best CSEC performer was Krystal Rosannah Lee, a Science Student who gained Fifteen subjects, Thirteen Grades Ones, Five of  which were Distinctions and Two Grades Two.

Those Subjects were:

Chemistry 1 Distinction
E.D.P.M 1 Distinction
English  Language 1 Distinction
French 1 Distinction
Human and Social Biology 1 Distinction
Agricultural Science Double Award 1
Biology 1
English  Literature 1
Food and Nutrition 1
Information Technology 1
Mathematics 1
Physics 1
Spanish 1
Social Studies 11
Geography 11

Well Done Krystal! Indeed, you have set a target for our 2015 CSEC students to work with. Thank you so much.

Several other students recording outstanding performances at this year’s CXC-CSEC Examinations are;

  1. Schauvonne Perreira Eleven Grade  Ones

  1. Kirk Persaud; Thirteen Subjects, -Ten Grade Ones and
  2. Three Grade Twos

  1. Mitra Rajaram Thirteen Subjects, Nine Grade  Ones and Two Grade Twos

  1. Delice Adonis Twelve Subjects, - Nine Grade Ones and Three Grade Twos

  1. Karishma Mohan Twelve Subjects, Nine Grade Ones and Three Grades Twos

  1. Marcia Persaud Ten Subjects,-Nine Grade Ones and One Grade Two

  1. Rebecca Ramnauth Ten Subjects, - Nine Grade One, and  One Grade Two

  1. Shemuel King Thirteen Subjects, Eight Grade Ones and Five Grade Twos

  1. Saudia Amin Ten Subjects – Seven Grade Ones and Three Grade Twos

10. Hilton Chester Twelve Subjects- Seven Grade Ones Four Grades Twos and One Grade Three

11. Shalini Ragnauth Twelve Subjects- Seven Grade Ones and Five Grade Twos

Congratulations and Special Thanks are extended to all of St. Stanislaus College Educators for their ingenious direction to our students, who in return have responded to our inputs.
For the (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations)- CXC CAPE Results

Madam Chairperson. One Hundred and Eight students wrote the CAPE Examinations where Twenty Nine (29) Units were offered, in Eighteen Subjects areas.

In the following Thirteen (13) units, students obtained a 100% pass rate (with Grade one to five passes):
1. Accounts Unit 1
2. Caribbean Science Unit 1
3. Computer Science Unit 1
4. Computer Science Unit 2
5. Environmental Science Unit 1
6. Environmental Science Unit 2
7. Food and Nutrition Unit 1
8. Geography Unit 2
9. Law Unit 1
10. Law Unit 2
11. Management of Business Unit 2
12. Sociology Unit 1 and
13. Sociology Unit 2

Further, in the following Four (4) Units the pass rate of students was 75% or higher with Grade –One to Five Passes:

Communication Studies
Economics Unit 1
Information Technology Unit 1
Management of Business Unit 1

In Seven (7) Units students obtained a pass rate of 50% or higher (but below 75% with Grade One to Five passes. The units were:

Applied Mathematics Unit 1
Applied Mathematics Unit 2
Biology Unit 1
Biology Unit 2
History Unit 2
Physics Unit 1 and
Physics Unit 2

Five Units recorded a pass rate that was below 50% .
These were:

Accounts Unit 2
Chemistry Unit 1
Chemistry Unit 2
Pure Mathematics Unit 1`
Pure Mathematics Unit 2
Our Best Cape Performers are:
1. Chandanie Dyal, who gained Five Units

Law Unit 1 1
Communication Studies Unit 11
Sociology 11
History Unit 2 IV
Applied Mathematics Unit 111

2. Latoya Kellman, who gained Five Units
Biology Unit 1 IV
Chemistry Unit1 111
Communication Studies 11
Environmental Science Unit 1 11
Pure Mathematics Unit 1 11

3. Fitzroy Leitch, who gained Six Units

Accounts Unit 1 1
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 111
Communication Studies 111
Economics Unit 1 IV
Information Technology Unit 1 111
Management of Business Unit 1 111

4. Makeda Pereira, who gained Four Units

Accounts Unit 1 11
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 11
Communication Studies 11
Management of Business Unit 1 111
5. Parbati Prasad, who gained Five Units

Accounting Unit 1 11
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 IV
Communication Studies 11
Economics Unit 1 11
Management of Business Unit 1 111  and

6. Rosmarie Shiwbaran, who gained Five Units

Accounting Unit 1 1
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 111
Communication Studies 11
Economics Unit 1 IV

Management of Business Unit 1 111

Co- and Extra Curricular Activities

Madam Chairperson!
Displaying dscn6818-qpr.jpg

It is quite interesting to note, that these activities often occur concurrently with the college academic programme.

The  year in review, commenced with the competitive Annual Inter- House Athletics Sports.
The results were as follow:-

Butler House earned the First place (1st) with 889 points.

Followed closely by Ethridge House in the Second (2nd) position with 845 points.

Weld House came in Third (3rd) position with 817 points.

While, Galton House brought the Fourth (4th) position mustering only 578 points.

The Senior  Champion Girls were:
(a) Alesa Long from Butler and

(b) Ruth Sanmoogan from Galton    while
Junior Champion girl was:

(a) Shakira Taitt from Ethridge House

Our Senior Champion Boy was:
(a) Travis Belgrave from Bulter while,
the Junior Champion Boy was:

(a) Kel Joseph from Bulter  House.

At the Inter-School Athletic Championships, it was St. Stanislaus College who emerged the overall winner.

While, at the National Cycling, Swimming, Track and Field Championships, 2013, several students from the college participated and enabled our North Zone District Eleven (11) to emerge the winners of the Championships for yet another year. It is to be noted, that our Senior Championship Boy- Travis Belgrave from Butler House broke the Boys Under 18 Discus Record.

For the National Basketball Festival, our Boys Under 14, 16 and 18 lost their Semi Finals and Quarter Finals competitions respectively.
While, our Girls Open match against Kwakawni, the team gained the runner - up position.

In the JOF Haynes Memorial Debating Competition, 2013- The St. Stanislaus College Team of Grade Ten students comfortably won Rounds One and Two against the St. Mary’s High School and the St. Rose’s High School respectively. Our Third Speaker, Joasha Drakes in Round One was awarded the Best

Although, our team lost the debate after putting up a good fight to the St. Joseph High School in the Third Round, our First speaker, Cynthia Baldeo was awarded the Best speaker.

There were numerous co- and extra curricular activities, which our students participated in during the academic year in review.
These included:

(1) The Launching of the Portuguese Curriculum by the Ministry of Education.

2. The Opening Ceremony for the Youth Parliament.

3. A Disaster Risk Management Seminar sponsored by the Civil Defense Commission

4. A Career Fair sponsored by the Lions Club of Georgetown – Durban Park.

5. A Prayer Service and Exhibition held by the Carneige School of Home Economics

6. The University of Guyana Open Career Day and.

7. The Guyana Fire Service Demonstration Exercise among others

The College Administration would like to Sincerely Thank all the various organizations that extended invitations to us to attend their special events.

Community Alliance

Madam Chairperson!

The College has always deemed as important fostering relationships with various groups, be it governmental or non governmental in the community.

Community relationships are essential for the Educational, Moral, Social and Spiritual development of the students’ population.

Linked to the college were:

1. The St. Stanislaus College Scouts Group,

2. The Lions’ Club of Georgetown Stabroek,

3. The Department of Education – Georgetown,

4. The St. Stanislaus College Board of Governors,

5. The St. Stanislaus College Parent / Teachers Association,

6. The St. Stanislaus College Old Students Association

7. The St. Stanislaus College Overseas Alumini Association of Toronto, Canada;

Also, the college maintained continued cordial affiliation with the

(a) Guyana Police Force, Brickdam Division through the use of our school buildings.

The College Administration and Staff acknowledge, these groups for their generous support offered during the year under review and do look forward to their continued good relationships in the future.

To the St. Stanislaus College, Board of Governors, Special Thanks and heartfelt gratitude are extended to the Chairman, Mr. Chris Fernandes, and all members of the Board, as well; as all members of the Toronto and New York Alumni Associations, for their outstanding commitment and unwavering support rendered to the college.

To the Parent Teachers Association, a special Thanks to the President Mr. Joel Trotman and all other members of the P.T.A for their kind cooperation and willingness, to readily assist the college in its Endeavours


The St. Stanislaus College Administration hopes to accomplish the following projects in the near future.

1. Reconstruction of the Recreational Facilities on our school premises,

2. Repainting of our classrooms in order, to create child friendly environment,

3. Increase the Number of our Students’ Washroom Facilities      and,

Displaying dscn6851-qpr.jpg4. Construction of a Car Park to facilitate vehicles owned by Staff members of the college.


Esteemed Chairperson and Distinguished Guests, While we have performed very well in several areas during the academic year - 2013-2014, the School Administration, Staff and Students  resolve to strive to  improve our performance for the year 2015, since the successes achieved during 2014, have challenge us to be quite optimistic about the future.

To the Students of St. Stanislaus College

You are reminded that it is indeed, an honour to attend the St. Stanislaus College.
Therefore, you are encouraged to continue to aim high in order to achieve your set goals.
I, implore you to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln;

“The Best way to predict your future is to create it”

To the Graduands and Recipients of Prizes

Congratulations, on your accomplishments
We are so proud of you.

Always bear in mind, the special words of Malcolm X

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

To all Stakeholders

You have played a significant role in providing a stimulating learning environment at the college, over the years, for our students. Kindly continue to support us.

May God richly bless us all.

I Thank You

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