Aug 12, 2013

The Saint Stanislaus College Magazines

When we stop to consider that in the midst of WWII, in 1943, the first St. Stanislaus College Association magazine was able to see the light of day, it must be considered a truly remarkable achievement. Not only did it come out every single year until 1980, but the quality of the articles it carried was of such a high standard that reading them today gives a remarkable insight into the recent history of Guyana.

Alumnus John Sparrock had the inspiration to get as many of these magazines together and have them scanned for uploading to the College site. In this effort, he has been ably assisted by several alumni but most particularly by the College Librarian, Ms. Ariola Barrow who was supported by Alumnus Alfred Bhulai. We are now sending out and international appeal for the only year we have not been able to retrieve - 1969. For any who may still be fondly holding on to it, please contact John at

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