Aug 17, 2013

2013 CXC Success at St. Stanislaus College

A group of the most successful Saints students
Congratulations to Saints on its 2013 successes at both the CAPE and CSEC levels.

At CAPE, the outstanding performer was Anil Tulsie who obtained four (4) Grade Ones and one (1) Grade Two.

Latest news is that Anil has been offered a scholarship to China to study Medicine. Congratulations!

At CSEC, there were 100% passes in eleven (11) subjects: Biology, Electrical & Electronic Technology, English A, Food & Nutrition, French, Home Economics Management, Information Technology, Office Administration, P.E & Sports, Physics, and Technical drawing.

Other subject areas in which exemplary performances were realised are Human & Social Biology (97%), Principles of Business (97%), Caribbean History (96%), Geography (96%), Agricultural Science (95%), Social Studies (93%),  Chemistry (92%), Principles of Accounts (90%), Economics (89%), and quite notably Mathematics (84%). Overall pass rate grades were 94%. Of all the entrants, 74% have attained passes in eight (8) or more subjects, with 84% attaining passes in five (5) or more.

As far as individual exploits go, the marquee performer was Chandanie Dyal who obtained eleven (11) passes: 10 ones and 1 two.

Ten other students were able to amass seven or more Grade one passes. These students and their relative performances are:
Annie Shivraj               10 ones and 1 two * Agri (Double Award)
Devina Samaroo            9 ones
Okeme Beaton               8 ones and 4 twos * Agri (Double Award)
Isaac Safi                        8 ones and 3 twos * Agri (Double Award)
Vickram Khemraj         8 ones, 2 twos, and 1 three * Agri (Double Award)
Melissa Wilson               8 ones, 1 two, and 1 three * Agri (Double Award)
Bibi Safeena Hoosein     8 ones and 1 two * Agri (Double Award)
Latchmie Bansraj          8 ones
Jonathon Narine            7 ones, 2 twos, and 1 three
Arvindra Singh              7 ones and 1 two

These listed grades underline just how admirably the cohort of 2013 has performed, individually and collectively. In fact, they serve as empirical proof that Saints is really a major secondary institution of Learning in Guyana.

Front Row L-R Melissa Wilson, Devina Samaroo, Bibi Shafeena Hoosein, Ayeisha Boodie, Annie Shivraj and Latchmie Bansraj.


Back Row L-R Isaac Safi, Vickram Khemraj, Jonathon  Narine , Arvindra Singh , Okeme Beaton, Adrian Williams and Anil Tulsie.

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