Feb 21, 2013

The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences



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Unknown said...

Silly jews. Always defying Christ/God. The only good thing that will come from this longevity research is hopefully Zuckerberg and Brin will fritter away all their wealth. In vain.

But they won't. They'll have their employees in the Whitehouse and Congress find some way to bill the American taxpayer.

This is so funny. I'll bet David Rockefeller's already spent many millions. And there's no telling how many people he's had abducted for experimentation. That evil pig is desperately afraid to die because he knows how close he'll be to the flames.

If you jews didn't discover a cure for mortality when you ran the Soviet Union - after killing THOUSANDS for research - what makes you think you'll discover it now?

You - the synagogue of satan, as Jesus/God calls you - will never win against the LORD. Ha ha.