Dec 3, 2018

Principal's Report 2018 -Annual Graduation and Prize-Giving Ceremony




Tuesday 27th November, 2018

National Cultural Centre


Major General (Retired), Mr. Joseph Singh
Director of Field Implementation at Conservation International, Mr. Rene′ Edwards
Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary), Mrs. June-Ann Gonsalves
Principal Education Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Bridgewater
Other officials of the Ministry of Education
Chairman of St. Stanislaus College Board of Governors, Mr. Chris Fernandes
President of St. Stanislaus College Parent Teachers Association, Mr. Zulphicar Hussain 
President St Stanislaus College Local Alumni Association, Mr. Kashir Khan
Immediate Past Principal of St. Stanislaus College, Mrs. Paulette Merell 
Special invitees, Members of Staff, Graduands, Students and our most worthy Chairperson for today’s ceremony, Mr. Renaldo Fleming

A pleasant Good Day to you all and Welcome to this auspicious occasion:

St. Stanislaus College Annual Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony

Mr. Chairman,

I have the honour in presenting to this gathering of stakeholders, the Principal’s Report for the academic year, September 2017 to July 2018.

This report seeks to enlighten us on our Achievements. It also highlights some Challenges and Projections for the future.

The report has been divided into seven key areas namely;

1.     Student Enrolment

2.     Staffing

3.     Curriculum and External Examinations

4.     Co and Extra Curricular Activities

5.     Community Alliance

6.     Challenges

7.     Projections


The academic year began in September, 2017 with a total student population of Five Hundred and Forty Six (546) students. There were Two Hundred and Sixty Six (266) males and two Hundred and Seventy Nine (279) females. The average number of students per class was thirty (30).

For the period under review, the admission of students to the college was based on the placement of students by the Ministry of Education.

·        One Hundred and Ten (110) students from the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) comprising of Fifty Six (56) males and Fifty Four (54) females were admitted to Grade Seven.

·        Based on CXC-CSEC, 2017 results, Forty Four (44) students were admitted to Grade 12 to pursue CAPE. There were Twenty (20) males and Twenty Four (24) females.


Mr. Chairman,

The school year commenced with Thirty Eight (38) teachers that included:

·        One Graduate Principal

·        One Graduate Deputy Principal

·        Three Graduate Senior Mistresses

·        Eight Graduate Heads of Departments

·        One Graduate Senior Assistant Master

·        One Senior Assistant Mistress

·        Ten Trained Graduates

·        Three Assistant Mistresses

·        Four Untrained Graduates

·        Three Temporary Qualified Masters

·        One Temporary Unqualified Master and

·        Two Temporary Assistant Master/Mistress (Retired/Rehired)

Part-time teachers were recruited to assist in the implementation of the curriculum. They were:

·        Mr. Dinband Khusial, who taught Additional Mathematics and Pure Mathematics to our Fourth and Sixth Forms Students respectfully.

·        Mr. Jemuel Parasram, who taught Business Studies and Office Administration at Grades 9 and 10 respectively.


Two teachers joined the staff in September, 2017:

·        Ms. Simone Rodney, a Trained Graduate Mistress, specializing in English A and Literature;

·        Ms. Esther Persico, a Temporary Assistant Mistress Retired, a French and Portuguese specialist.

During the academic year under review, we lost four (4) staff members:

·        Ms. Dorey Allicock, Senior Assistant Mistress, was transferred to New Silvercity Secondary, Region 10;

·        Ms. Alicia Gobin, Graduate Assistant Mistress, resigned with effect from 20th September, 2017;

·        Ms. Fiano Cooke, Assistant Mistress, resigned with effect from the 1st March, 2018;

·        Mrs. Paulette Merell, Graduate Headmistress, retired with effect from 31st January, 2018. To Mrs. Merell, it gives me great pleasure to say that we are thankful for all the valuable skills and knowledge you have imparted to us teachers and students and sincerely appreciate all your efforts and hard work.

On behalf of the staff and students, I wish to thank these teachers for their services rendered to the College and do wish them well in their future endeavours.

Also, during the year under review, two teachers graduated from the University of Guyana with the following:

·        Fazia Baksh, Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction– yours truly and ;

·        Komaldai Ramsewak, Bachelor of Education, Spanish.

The Ancillary Staff continued to give valuable service to the College. This staff comprised:

a)     Two Typist Clerks

b)    Two Accounts Clerks

c)     One Librarian

d)    An Information Technology Technician

e)     Three Science Laboratory Assistants

f)      Three Sweeper/Cleaners

g)     A Caretaker

h)    A Groundsman, located at the St. Stanislaus College Ground, Carifesta Avenue.


Honourable Chairman,

St. Stanislaus College continued to offer a broad-based curriculum to the students through Eleven Departments, namely:

1.     Agricultural Science                                             

2.     Allied Arts                                        

3.     Business Education                           

4.     English                                             

5.     Home Economics

6.     Industrial Technology             

7.     Information Technology

8.     Mathematics

9.     Modern Languages

10.                        Science

11.                        Social Studies

At Grades Seven and Eight, all the subjects taught were compulsory.

At Grade Nine, students were introduced to additional subject areas namely, Business Studies, History, Geography and the separate Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In June, 2018, Eighty-four (84) students wrote the National Grade Nine Assessment Examination in the four core subjects. These being:

1.     English Language

2.     Mathematics

3.     Science and

4.     Social Studies

An analysis of this assessment results, revealed that all eighty four (84) students who sat the examination achieved the pass rate above 64%. Sixty one students gained above 70%. Our Top Performers were:

Name of Student
Kayla December
Ghansham Allijohn
Jahrol London
Macasey Barclay
Datina Nials
Lianna Adrian
Ganesh Dukhi
Preiola Patterson
Michellea Dowlin

The College Administration and Staff extend Congratulations to these students and wish that they continue to strive for excellence.  

At Grade Ten, students were allocated to one of the four streams at the college, depending on their ability, aptitude and career interest.

The total number of students who opted for the streams were as follows:

1. Arts Stream- Fifteen (15) students

2. Business Stream- Twenty (20) students

3. Science Stream- Thirty Five (35) students

4. Technical Stream - Sixteen (16) students

Students pursued a maximum of ten (10) subjects in each stream. English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, and one foreign language were compulsory across all Streams.  

At Grade Eleven, all students wrote the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC)- Caribbean Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC). A maximum of fifteen (15) subjects were written.

For Grade Twelve, students who gained at least Five (5) CSEC subjects including English A and Mathematics, with Grades I to III were offered a place to pursue studies for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. Forty four (44) students were admitted for this programme and placed into one of two streams: Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies.


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Results

Esteemed Chairman and Audience,

The academic performance of our students at the CXC-CSEC 2018 was excellent.

A brief analysis of the results revealed that:

·        Students wrote twenty six (26) subjects at this examination. The overall percent passes gained for Grades One to Three was 96.26%.

·        Out of the Ninety Eight (98) Grade Eleven students who wrote the CSEC examination One Hundred percent (100%) of them matriculated. This means that all of our students got Grades One to Three in at least five subjects, including English A and Mathematics.

·        There were Four Hundred and Sixty Nine (469) Grade Ones, Three Hundred and Sixty (360) Grade Twos and One Hundred and Twenty Four (124) Grade Threes.

St. Stanislaus College, CXC-CSEC 2018 results read as follows:

Percentage passes Grades 1-3
Additional Mathematics
Agricultural Science
Caribbean History
Electrical and Electronic Technology
Electronic Document Preparation and Management
English A   
English B   
Food, Nutritional and Health (Technical)
Human and Social Biology     
Information Technology
Integrated Science
Office Administration    
Physical Education and Sports
Principles of Accounts   
Principles of Business    
Social Studies
Technical Drawing

The Top Performer for CSEC 2018 is SHRELOCK LANGEVINE, a Science student who gained Fourteen Grade Ones in fourteen subjects. Those subjects were:

Additional Mathematics          
Agricultural Science (DA)
1 Distinction (DA)
1 Distinction
1 Distinction
1 Distinction
English A   
1 Distinction
English B
Food, Nutrition & Health (Technical)         
1 Distinction
1 Distinction
Human and Social Biology
1 Distinction
Information Technology
Mathematics (General)
1 Distinction
1 Distinction

Excellent Performance Sherlock! You are proof of that “Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude.” We look forward to seeing more blessings come your way in the near future. A round of applause for Sherlock Langevine!

Honorable Chairman,

There were also several other students with outstanding recorded performances at the CXC- CSEC 2018. These were:

Name of Student
Amarnauth Narain
Twelve Grade Ones and Three Grade Twos
Tassia Bacchus
Eleven Grade Ones and One Grade Two
Nathan Hackett
Ten Grade Ones
Nectar Prince
Ten Grade Ones and Two Grade Twos
Eleesha Sanasie
Ten  Grade Ones and One Grade Two
Ryan Khan
Nine Grade Ones and Four Grade Twos
Nia Williams
Nine Grade Ones and Four Grade Twos
Lennox Hopkinson
Nine Grade Ones and One Grade Two
Shekeira Taitt
Nine Grade Ones and One Grade Two
Julia Williams
Nine Grade Ones and One Grade Two

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Results

Esteemed Chairman and Audience,

There were Twenty-three (23) Units offered in Sixteen (16) subject areas. The overall passes for Grades I to V was 96%. St. Stanislaus College CXC – CAPE 2018 Results read as follows:

Percent Passes - Grades I to V
Accounting Unit 2
100 %
Animation & Game Design
Biology Unit 1
Biology Unit 2
Caribbean Studies
100 %
Chemistry Unit 1
Chemistry Unit 2
100 %
Communication Studies
100 %
Computer Science Unit 2
Digital Media Unit 2
100 %
Entrepreneurship Unit 2
Environmental Studies Unit 1
Environmental Science Unit 2
Geography Unit 1
Geography Unit 2
Information Technology Unit 1
Information Technology Unit 2
Integrated Math
Management of Business Unit 2
Physics Unit 1
Physics Unit 2
Pure Math Unit 1
Pure Math Unit 2

Our Top CAPE Performer for 2018 is Rashma Surjnarine. She gained Eight (8) Grade Ones and Three Grade Twos for the CAPE for Units I and 2. Her results are as follows:

Biology Unit 1
Biology Unit 2
Caribbean Studies
Chemistry Unit 1
Chemistry Unit 2
Communication Studies
Environmental Studies Unit 1
Environmental Studies Unit 2
Integrated Mathematics
Pure Math Unit 1
Pure Mathematics Unit 2

There were also several other students with outstanding recorded performances at the CAPE 2018. These students are:

Name of Student
Reya Persaud
Six Grade Ones and Three Grade Twos
Aleah Marks
Four Grade Ones and Five Grade Two
Lashonda Kellman
Four Grade Ones, Three Grade Twos and Two Grade Threes
Shania Reece
Four Grade Ones, Two Grade Twos and Two Grade Threes
Tamara Cummings
Four Grade Ones and Six Grade Threes
Chelsea James
Three Grade Ones and Six Grade Twos

According to Confucius, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”


Mr. Chairman,

The main purpose of education isn't just to receive a certification that leads to a career, but for each individual to become well-rounded person in so many aspects of life. With this in view, we here at St. Stanislaus College pursue a vigorous co and extra-curricular programme.

A major highlight was our Annual Inter House Championships which were held in September, 2017. The results were as follows:

·        Galton House, with Mr. Damian LaRose at the helm, emerged champions with 884 points.

·        Etheridge House, led by House Master Bonni Adonis, placed second with 881points.

·        Weld House, led by House Master Colin Moses, placed third with 854 points.

·        Butler House, led by House Mistress Vaunda Wayne – Francis, was forth, with 835 points.

Our Champion Athletes were:

a)     Trevon Boston- Junior Champion Boy (Etheridge House)

b)    Jeremiah Sampson- Senior Champion Boy (Etheridge House)

c)     Chelsea Inniss- Junior Champion Girl (Butler House)

d)    Celine Paul- Senior Champion Girl (Galton House)

Congratulations are extended to all House Captains, House Masters, Mistresses and students who ensured that this activity was spectacular and remained a memorable event. Special thanks to our Games Master Robert Fernandes, who dedicated time and effort to ensure that Inter-House Sports at Saints continue to be of high standards.

In October 2017, St. Stanislaus College participated in the Eighth Inter Schools Quiz Completion to commemorate Caribbean Statistics Day under the theme “Improving the lives of people – Advancing the Action Plan for Statistics in CARICOM”. Our team comprised four Grade Ten Students:

a)     Sherlock Langevine (most outstanding student),

b)    Tassia Bacchus,

c)     Neveash Kumar and

d)    Jessica Callender,

This team defeated Hope Secondary School, West Demerara Secondary and North Ruimveldt Secondary, respectively and emerged as the winner of the competition for the second year in a row.

In October 2017, the college held its Inter-House Impromptu Speech Competition.

·        In the Junior Category, Darren Budhram of Galton House placed first while Leroy Geer of Ethridge House brought second.

·        For the Senior Category, Nia Williams of Galton House brought first and Suphane Dash of Butler House placed second.

The St. Stanislaus College Chess Club continue to perform outstandingly well at the National Chess Championships under the guidance of the coach, Mr. Wendell Meusa. The completion held in March, 2018 revealed that:

·        Joshua Gopaul of Grade 11 emerged the National Junior Champion;

·        Ghansham Allijohn and Jayden Taylor of Grade 9 were second and third respectively;

·        Chelsea Juma of Grade 7 was judged the Best Female Player.

A round of Applause for our Champions!

As part of our Independence week of activities, a Rangoli Competition was held involving students from Grades 7 to 10. Students used colored rice to depict symbols of nationhood and the results were as follows:

·        Grade 10 with the map of Guyana depicting the ten administrative regions were the winners of this competition with 391 points;

·        Grade 9 with their depiction of the Victoria Regia Lily placed second with 385 points;

·        Grade 7’s portrayal of The Golden Arrowhead placed third with 360 points;

·        Grade 8’s Amerindian Headdress placed fourth with 359 points.

Congratulations to all you students and teachers for participating in this novelty event!

In May, 2018, the J.O.F. Haynes Memorial Debating Competition commenced. Our team comprised:

a)     Alleah Phillips

b)    Lesryn Datson

c)     Kiarra Hazelwood

This team won Round 1 against Central High School. However, they were defeated by Brickdam Secondary in Round 2.

The Regional Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Fair was held from 5th to 9th March, 2018. The College submitted two projects: Walls of Stone which was placed 1st and Green Homes got 2nd. Rachel Cecil of Grade

10T was awarded 1st place for the Oral Presentation, Secondary.

Also, at the National competition, held from the 3rd to 6th April, 2018, Walls of Stone was awarded 1st place. Gratitude is extended to the following students:

1.     Rachel Cecil

2.     Adrian Conelly

3.     Arantxa English

4.     Devina Jetoo

5.     Aatif Khan

6.     Lakshmi Narine

7.     Raeda Persaud

8.     Anish Sookdeo

Special thanks are also extended to Mr. LaRose, Mr. Lee and teachers of the Science Department.

Honourable Chairman,

There were numerous other co and extra- curricular activities in which our students participated during the academic year under review. Some of these included:

1.     Supernova High School Singing Competition at North Riumveldt Secondary School;

2.     The Children’s Mashramani competitions for Georgetown in the categories of Dramatic Poetry, Dance and Physical Display;

3.     An Agricultural Science Field Trip to Edun’s Livestock Farm at Garden of Eden for Grade 11 students to complete the practical skills component of their School Based Assessment.

4.     A Field Trip to Trinidad involving Grades 12 and 13 Communication Studies and Environmental Studies students

5.     Career Talk sponsored by the University of Guyana. Presentations were made by Dr. Nigel Gravesande, Registrar and Ms. Nickalva Washington, Assistant Registrar.

6.      A Lecture on ‘Information Literacy and the Link between Research and Copyright’ hosted by the National Library.

7.     A Career Fair hosted by the Lions Club

8.     A Girls in ICT Workshop hosted by the CARICOM Secretariat

9.     The third Pueblo Science workshop from July 11 to 13, 2018 and  hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, St. Stanislaus College Board of Governors and the Toronto Alumni Association. The workshop focused on experiential learning with locally-available and low-cost materials. Science teachers and fourteen (14) students of St. Stanislaus College participated in this activity.

We, of the Saints family, can be justifiably proud of the achievements of our students. The College Administration extends sincere appreciation to the Department of Education and all organizations that hosted these special events.


Mr. Chairman,

Community relationships are important for the Educational, Moral, Social and Spiritual development of the students’ population. Of significance are:

1.     The St. Stanislaus College Scouts Group. This group continued to grow offering students’ opportunities to engage in healthy activities while developing their initiative, leadership ability and sense of responsibility.

2.     The St Stanislaus College Local Alumni Association as well as the Overseas Alumni Associations of Toronto, Barbados and Antigua. These associations continue to provide fibre-tech combinations, chemicals for the Science laboratories, appliances for the Home Economics laboratory and funding for graduation and prize-giving.

I wish to especially highlight the commitment of our overseas Alumni who have been raising money for the last 25 years to support St. Stanislaus. The founders and the executive members of the Toronto Alumni Association, whose average age would be in the mid seventies, have at least four fundraisers per year. They have been consistently providing St. Stanislaus College, through our local Association, in excess of three million dollars per year. Their hard work and commitment year after year is impossible to understand and our appreciation can never be overstated.

3.     The Department of Education, Georgetown. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to the Officials for their support and guidance throughout the year that have contributed to our success.

4.     The St. Stanislaus College Parent Teachers Association. Special thanks to the PTA Chairman, Mr. Zulphicar Hussain, the executive and parents who give of their time and expertise and who provided support, including, funding the co and extra- curricular activities of the college. To all Parents, we do appreciate your assistance and support rendered throughout the year. Teaching and parenting are part of a privileged, sacred trust and the closer we work together, the more fruitful the opportunities for each child in our school.

5.     The St. Stanislaus Board of Governors. Sincere gratitude is extended to The Chairman Mr. Chris Fernandes, and executive members who continuously give their time unselfishly so as to ensure that St. Stanislaus College is administered and managed effectively.

Again, special thanks and much appreciation are extended to all teachers of the College both full time and part time, ancillary staff and canteen operators, for their cooperation and willingness to continue to give of their best despite the many challenges. Teamwork and cooperation are closely linked, and I think that all we have achieved this last year, has been the result of tremendous cooperation on the part of everyone associated with this institution.


No report would be complete without sharing some of our challenges.  However, because today is a happy occasion, I will not dwell on them but just share that we continue to experience challenges with:

·        Attendance and punctuality;

·        Good manners and behaviour; 

·        Lack of classrooms for teaching CAPE

·        Parental involvement in their children at school and school activities;

·        An alumni association comprising younger and committed membership.


St Stanislaus College Administration hopes in the near future to accomplish the following projects:

1.     Refurbishing classrooms, in order to create child friendly environment for all of our students;

2.     Refurbishing air conditioning units and installation of similar units in the Science  Laboratories; 

3.     Construction of a new wing to accommodate classrooms for teaching CAPE;

4.     Creating laboratories for Agricultural Science and Electrical andTechnology;

5.     Creating opportunities for students to learn about university options and for career guidance by partnering with institutions and agencies locally and abroad. 


Esteemed Chairman and Distinguished Guests,

The year under review September 2017 to July 2018 was commendable especially in the academic field. Students performed creditably in many areas. The level of sports improved and standards were maintained. We remain optimistic that St. Stanislaus College will continue to reach higher heights.

To the Students of St. Stanislaus College

You are reminded that it is indeed an honor to attend St. Stanislaus College – to share in the rich legacy left by founders. Therefore, you are encouraged to continue to aim high in order that you achieve your set goals. As the great Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

To the Graduands and Recipients of Prizes

Once again, Congratulations on your accomplishments. We are all extremely proud of you. Continue this trend of excellence. Remember, though, that excellence is not a destination, but a journey that never ends.

To those leaving our beloved School I wish you all the best. You have been a credit to this school and I have confidence that success awaits in the outside world and your future endeavours. I encourage you to be a lifelong student. Whatever you do, throw head, hearts and hands into it, and be happy about it.  According to Mario Andretti, "Desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal -- a commitment to excellence -- that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Remember the lessons you received at Saints and be willing to share them for the benefit of others… Remember also that your old school needs you. I implore all of you to keep the school motto always in your heart and actions:

“Aeterna Non Caduca”- “Not for this Life only, But For Eternity”

Thanks to God for a good year. May he continue to guide and direct all the stakeholders of St. Stanislaus College so that students and our country will benefit from the legacy of quality of education, nurturing coming generations of students to become upright, fulfilled and contributing members of the community.

It was a privilege to share this report with you.


Fazia Baksh


13th November, 2018

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