Nov 22, 2018

Visit to Saints by SCCAAT President

Address to students by Mr. Roger Devers

Mrs. Fazia Baksh, Staff, Mr. Chris Fernandes,

Thank you for the opportunity to address the students at this assembly.

My name is Roger Devers and I am the current President of the St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association in Toronto.

I am here today to bring you warmest wishes (or should I say coldest) as well as financial support for scholarship recipients as well as funding for new furniture for the upper classrooms and other items, from our association in Toronto.

Our association was started some 25 years ago from an appeal by Bobby Fernandes of the local association to Errol Campbell, a classmate of his living in Toronto. The appeal was for financial assistance to eliminate a major problem of termites eating away at the college. It did not take long for many of the previous graduates of the College to get together to make a difference, when they learnt of the serious issues faced by their old alma mater. Over the years we have provided millions of Guyana dollars to support the College.

Why do we do this? As we grow older, we come to realize that whatever success we have achieved in our lives can be attributed to these most important years that we have spent here. The friends we make become lifelong friends. We may not see them for years, but when we come together again, it was if we were never apart.

So, make friends and help and respect each other. Respect your parents, Teachers and everyone as well as the facility that you attend. Listen carefully and work hard. You do not have to be the brightest in your class to be successful. Many of the graduates from this college have gone on to be successful in their chosen profession, whether as doctors, lawyers, managers, plumbers, electricians, entrepreneurs, real-estate agents etc.

One tip I will leave with you as you graduate from this institution and that is. Network. Join your local alumni association. You will find that “who you know”, is just as important as your qualification in getting ahead in your chosen profession. The previous graduates are more than willing to assist those coming behind them.

Thank you very much and I wish you all every success as you go forward.

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