Apr 29, 2018

SSCAAT Planning Meeting - Sunday, May 20th

CrestThere will be a important SSCAAT Planning Meeting on Sunday, May 20th to decide on future directions for the Association.

Time: 11 a.m - 4 p.m
Location:  4544 Sheppard Avenue,         Toronto

All Alumni are invited to attend.


Brief review of the objectives of the Association
            Committees                Terms of reference and chairs
            Current state of affairs
                                                Fund Raising Events – Dances; LLL; etc.
                                                Financial; Current state; Annual budget
            Endowment Fund       Purpose – Use
            Membership                Current state and issues
            Communication          N & V; Website; Record keeping
            Financial Assistance for the college   Annual Budget
Future Plans
            Fund Raising               Projections and budget
            Endowment Fund       How to manage
            Membership                How to maintain and attract new members to the association as well as the Executive
            Communication          Website; N & V; other

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