Mar 20, 2018

Neville Gomes R.I.P.

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From Joe Castanheiro
A cricket anecdote about Neville and what he was capable of: Circa 1957 or 1958 opening the bowling for a Case Cup match against E.I.C.C. at their grounds on Camp St., Neville clean bowled, arguably the greatest batsman Guyana has ever produced, one Rohan B. Kanhai.  Rohan had just returned from his first tour of England and there was a huge crowd of fans to see him bat.
A friend of mine who witnessed the proceedings informed me that the crowd soon dispersed after Kanhai's departure.
Kanhai was in my humble opinion, one of the greatest batsmen the world has seen.
Neville was indeed a fine swing bowler in addition to being a gentleman.

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