Jun 5, 2017

J.O..F Haynes Debating Competition 2017

(  Congratulations are extended to the following Grade ten students who have
participated in the JOF Haynes Memorial Inter School’s Debating Competition, 2017.
(a)  Tyriq Scott                1st and Best Speaker
(b)  Phylicia James          2nd Speaker
(c)  Marlisa Osborne       3rd Speaker

Our debating team was victorious in the first four rounds of the competition.
Saints drew the buy (had a free pass) for Round 5. The team would be up for the final round sometime in June, 2017.
Note: Date, Moot and School not available as yet.

To the staff of the English Department, the College Administration extends ‘Thank You’ on our students continuous outstanding performance at the debates and every success in the final round.

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