Feb 7, 2017

Sports Equipment sent from Toronto to College

These include:
8 - Outdoor Basketballs  
4 - Size 4 Futsal Balls
4 - Size 5 Futsal Balls 
1 - Pair Wicket keeping gloves
1 - Pair of Wicket Keeping pads
2 - Pairs left handed cricket gloves
2 - Pairs right handed cricket gloves
12 - Concrete Cricket Balls
12 - Regular Cricket Balls
12 - Indoor Hockey Balls

SSCAAT was happy to facilitate the acquisition of the Sports Equipment required. The project funded by the members of the Antigua & Barbuda chapter in order to improve the sports program at Saints. SSCAAT also covered the shipping costs. The original request for expediting the acquisition came from Robin Shaw, Past President Antigua/Barbuda Chapter and after obtaining a quotation for the items required, he (Robin) brought the US$ draft to fund the purchase, at the same asking SSCAAT to meet any shortfall funding the shipping cost, which SSCAAT agreed to do.

The shipment included items for field events such as shot put, javelin and discus, as well as soccer, basketball and cricket. Tents donated to the scout troupe, measuring tapes for the technology department and three computers for the library were also part of the shipment.

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