Jun 18, 2016

Saints Caribjam 2016 New Poster

New York's Finest Angels Caribbean Band will open their Canada Tour on Friday, July 29 at the Saints Alumni Toronto Annual CaribJam Dance at the Pickering Recreation Centre.
This will be another sold out event and you are encouraged to book your tickets early with your name or online at toronto-tickets@st-stanislaus-gy.com
Saints Alumni Toronto is proud to continue its tradition of providing high caliber entertainment and enjoyment at their fund raising events for their alma mater celebrating in 2016 - 150 years of Excellence in Education in Guyana .
It is not too early to plan which Caribana events to attend but Saints CaribJam Dance starts it all off and ends with Last Lap Lime on the holiday Monday. BTW, Last Lap Lime tickets will be available at the CaribJam Dance at the bargain price of $10.00. Did I say that the Angels will also be the featured band at Last Lap Lime? Come on out and enjoy the Power of Live Caribbean Music at both events.
Looking forward to your group tickets reservation. Check out the flyer for all details.
Happy Toronto Summer!

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