Nov 18, 2015

St. Stanislaus Inter-House Hockey Championships 2015

Displaying Champions - Galton.JPG
Champions - Galton
Front row from left to right (Holding Trophy)
Jaden Waddel & Saif Khan
Back row from left to right

Nia Williams, Myron Phillips, Edmond Chinian, Troy Hodge, Shemar Boston, Nathan Hacket & Alex Winter

Participating Teams
Displaying Participating Teams.JPGFront row from left to right
Aquila Scott, Cecil Hines, Edmond Chinian, Jaden Waddel, Saif Khan, Joshua Gangadeen, Shani Naughton, Luis Adams, Hilmar Chester, Aniyah Jardine.

Back row from left to right
Mikkel Spooner, Gordon Trotman, Delmar Ng, Myron Phillips, Alex Winter, Nathan Hacket, Troy Hodge, Shemar Boston, Nia Williams, Shemuel King, Nickel Ashby, Ezekiel Caines, Cherub Autar, Shakeem Fausette, Travis Robinson, Ezekiel Springer.

St. Stanislaus College Inter House Hockey Championships 2015

The 2015 St. Stanislaus College Hockey Championships was staged in the Marion Forum, during the lunch break from September 7 to 11, 2015. The tournament was played in two phases, the preliminary round robin phase followed by the knock out phase, which included semifinals, third place playoff and final. The competition was 4-a-side mixed gender, with each house required to have a minimum of one female player on the court at all times. 

Results Summary

Champions - Galton (Shemar Boston, Myron Phillips, Edmond Chinian, Troy Hodge, Malique Ferriera, Nia Williams, Alex Winter, Nathan Hacket, Jaden Waddel & Saif Khan)

Runners-up - Weld (Ezekiel Springer, Shenay Stewart, Travis Robinson, Hilmar Chester, Aniyah Jardine, Alvin Andries, Shakeem Fausette, Luis Adams, Joshua Trotman & Joshua Sammy)

3rd Place - Butler (Gordon Trotman, Delmar Ng, Shamar Burke, Aquila Scott, Cecil Hines & Mikkel Spooner)

4th Place - Etheridge (Shemuel King, Shani Naughton, Jeremiah Young, Takyle Fraser, Cherub Autar, Joshua Gangadeen, Nickel Ashby, Chelsea McEwan & Ezekiel Canes)

Complete Results

Monday September 7
Etheridge drew with Weld 1-1
Galton defeated Butler 1-0

Tuesday September 8
Weld defeated Butler 1-0
Galton drew with Etheridge 1-1

Wednesday September 9
Butler defeated Etheridge 3-2
Galton defeated Weld 2-1

Thursday September 10
Galton defeated Etheridge 3-1
Weld defeated Butler 0-0 (2-0 penalties)

Friday September 11
3rd Place Playoff
Butler defeated Etheridge 1-1 (1-1 penalties) (1-0 sudden death penalties)

Galton defeated Weld 2-1

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