Aug 21, 2015

Pueblo Science In Guyana
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SSCAAT takes this opportunity to correct the erroneous impression that Pueblo Science's Rural Initiative for Science Education (RISE) Guyana project did not include from the very start all the teachers to be identified by the Guyana Ministry of Education (MOE). From SSCAAT's very first meeting with Pueblo Science early in 2015, it was determined that St Stanislaus College would be co-host and partner with the Guyana MOE for the RISE Guyana project, which was designed to include as many science teachers as possible, and not just the Science teachers at St. Stanislaus College. This program was successfully implemented by Pueblo Science in the Philippines, India, Thailand, and Bolivia. We are hoping that a correction to the Kaieteur News article will be initiated by the Guyana MOE.

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