Apr 28, 2015

UNESCO Sub-regional Science Project Workshop at Saints

Displaying img_4361-qpr.jpgEducation Minister Priya Manickchand and participants of the workshop  SSC has been identified to host the practical session of a UNESCO workshop on April 28, 2015. Forty teachers representing Guyana and the Caribbean are in attendance  to observe how the Micro-Science kits are used at Saints.

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Report on UNESCO MicroS activity held at the St. Stanislaus College
There was a visit by a team of teachers and officials fron NCERD and UNESCO to the College on the 28th April 2015. The team comprised of 40 science teachers from around the Caribbean and Guyana. Accoumpanying the team were the director of Micro-Science and chairman of UNESCO; from NCERD, Ms. Petal Jetoo, Ms. Kesa Richards, Ms. W.Roberts and Ms. K. Ramnatan.
The purpose of the visit was to observe the students working with the kits. The children were  to carry out practical activities in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Form 1A was chosen to carry out the Physics practical, Form 2C, chemistry and Form 3A the Chemistry Practical. Ms. D. Allicock 2C, Ms. Kesia Bess 1A, Mr. Bon-ai Adonis substituted by Mr. La Rose (HoD Sc.).
The teachers and officials were split into three groups each of which rotated to have experience of all three lab classes. The team spent approximately 45 minutes at the College.
Ms. Roshanna Murray (Bio Mistress) attended the two-day program which started on the 27th April, 2015.
D La Rose

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