Nov 8, 2014

Saints PTA Annual General Meeting 2014

Displaying dscn6611-qpr.jpg

Displaying dscn6604-qpr.jpg
Displaying dscn6607-qpr.jpgThe AGM of the Saint Stanislaus College PTA was held on October 28, 2014. Reports were presented by the out going officer bearers namely; President, Secretary, and Treasurer followed by the Principal's report.

Brief Remarks were made by Mr Vibert G Hart on behalf of the School Board due to the unavoidable absence of Mr Chris Fernandes (Board Chairman). Mr Hart also performed the duties of Returning Officer for the elections which followed.

The new Office Bearers are:- 

Mr. Joel Trotman (President),
Ms. Meena Ally (Secty), 
Mr. Imran Sattaur (Tres).

Committee Members 
Dr.. C Mc Que, 
Mr. J Eastman, 
Mr. F Scott, 
Ms. P Boodram, 
Mr. K Jardine
Ms. F Khan.

The President on behalf of histeam thanked the membership for their support and pledged to continue the good work of the PTA.

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