Nov 2, 2013


Sijan - This is what the local people call the Moringa tree, Morinda oleifera, of the Moringaceae family. This plant is considered as one of the world's most useful trees as almost ever part can be used as food or has some medicinal value. The leaves of the Sijan tree, which are commonly used to make Sijan Bhagee in Guyana, are highly nutritious and are believed to be significant sources of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, iron and potassium. The long slender, triangular, seed pod is known as drumstick or saragwa or saragwe in India. The immature pods are widely cooked and consumed in Guyana.

From Glossary - Stories and Poems of a Guyanese Village Boy by Hanif Gulmahamad

Cancer-fighting properties

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