May 30, 2013

Russian Mammoth to be cloned



Europe, Asia, North America
Period: Some suggestions point to survival untilapproximately 2,000 AD
Size: First form of sub species reached shoulder height of about 4.3 meters. Later forms were slightly smaller, but still much larger than the modern African elephant. (max. height around 3.3 meters)

Mammoths were large animals adapted to life in Tundra, Steppes and on the outskirts of Taiga. Their body structure was similar to modern elephants but with large and taller heads, with bulge on top of it - the tallest part of the mammoth's body. Over 4 meters long tusks were pointed towards each otherand were pointed towards each other and were used as snow plough. Mammoths had long blakish brown even reddish fur to protect them from cold climate. Length of their hair reached from 20 to 60 cms. Like modern elephants, mammoths also lived in herds. Based on plants found in their teeth and stomachs, mammoths grazed on grass vegetation of Arctic Steppes.

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