Mar 3, 2013

Saints Annual Culture Day 2013

St. Stanislaus College celebrated its Annual Culture Day on Friday, February 22nd, 2013. The theme for the day's activities read "Reflecting Creativity, Embracing Diversity".

The day's programme was co-ordinated by Ms. Roxanne La Fleur (HoD Social Studies) who was ably assisted by teachers from her department and other volunteers.

African Boot.JPG

The day's activities were divided into two segments. The morning's session focussed on each level's display of contributions made by a specific ethnic group in the development of a Guyanese culture.  The six booths representing our six peoples were judged by Mr. V. Hart (Admin. Officer at the College). In this session there was also physical display and some excellent drumming done by the Hebrew Light of Guyana group.

The afternoon session was hosted by Okeme Beaton of 5 Arts and Lucy Forde of 4 Arts. The programme consisted of dances, skits, songs, and presentations on the historical background of the six ethnic groups in Guyana. The judging exercise was done by Mr. Hart and Ms. C. Joseph.
Europeann Boot.JPG



The programme culminated with trophies being awarded to the best booth and most organised level. The winners, respectively, are level 10 (Form 4) which depicted the Easty Indians, and Level 7 (Form 1) which depicted the Europeans.
Chinese Boot.JPG
Culture Day 2013 provided much insight into our diverse cultures. It was a very exciting and successful day's programme which helped to promote ethnic tolerance. We look forward to next year's activities when we hope to promote Culture Day on a larger scale.  

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