Dec 14, 2012

The Saints PTA

The Annual General Meeting of the PTA was held on October 24, 2012 in the Marion Forum.

Listening to the Minister of Education in 2010-GINA

Members at the Head-Table were Ms.Sharon Granger-Ba (Outgoing President), Ms. Paulette Merill (Hea dmistress), and Mr. Chris Fernandes (Chairman of the School Board). There were approximately one hundred (100) persons in attendance.

Reports were presented by the President, Secretary, Treasurer of the PTA, and the Principal of the College.

The Minister addressing the Saints PTA in 2010-GINA
Remarks made by Mr. Chris Fernandes alluded to the level of support received by the College and Board from the PTA during the past year.  Mr. Fernandes took the opportunity to introduce Mr. Vibert G. Hart as the newly appointed Administrative Officer to the School Board.

The election of Office Bearers for the new year was conducted by Mr. Chris Fernandes. The new Executive elected is

Ms. Sharon Granger-Ba      President
Ms. Paulette Merril             President
Ms. C. Cummings               Secretary
Mr. Drubahadur                   Treasurer

Committee Members
Ms. Leslyn King
Mr. Kemraj Goderdan
Ms. Anuradha Dindial
Mr. N. Hassan
Ms. Pamela Franklin

The new Executive in accepting its responsibility pledged to continue the good work of the last Executive body of the PTA.

February 2013 - PTA donates Chairs
The PTA recently bought thirty-seven (37) sitting chairs for the Teaching staff. Thirteen (13) of them have arms for seniors. They were distributed on February 14.

2013 AGM
Sitting L-R Olympia Small-Sonaram (Secty), Farina Khan (Tres), P. Merell (HM), P. Boodram (C'tee), G. Ramnauth (C'tee)
Back L-R Joel Trotman (Chairman), D. Lewis-Baxter (C'tee), S. Ba (C'tee), F. Scott (C'tee)

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