Apr 29, 2012

Biodiversity Manual

Godfrey  Bourne and Carol Bourne have published “The CEIBA Reader:  an introduction to the people, ecosystems, plants, animals and cuisine of CEIBA  Biological Center, Guyana.”, a text for students taking field courses in  Guyana.”  Students taking “Documenting  Biodiversity in the Land of the Macusis“ during the 2010 Winter Intersession was the first group using this text as a primer.  Many chapters in the book were co-authored  with high school students, UMSL undergraduates, and graduate students who  collaborated on research projects completed at CEIBA Biological Center,  Madewini, Guyana.  Chapters in this book  focus on the beetles, frogs, butterflies, fish, and lizards in the area. 
 Prof. Bourne, a Saints Alumnus,  is Associate Professor of Evolutionary and Tropical Ecology at the University of Michigan. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of CEIBA Biological Center Inc., a nonprofit organization designed to build capacity for Neotropical biotic research, education, and conservation in Guyana.

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