Mar 16, 2012

A Remarkable History of the College

Fr. Clement Barraud S.J. (1880-1900)

IN October 1880 - the care of the Grammar School (St. Stanislaus College was known at its inception) was entrusted to one who was to devote his energies to it for the next '20 years, Fr. Clement Barraud, S.J. When he took over., he tells us, there were fifteen boys and an Assistant Master whose salary was double what the school brought in - so financial difficulties are nothing new in the history of the College. It was during this time Fr. Barraud composed the hymn of St. Stanislaus and the discussion on the statue of St. Stanislaus to be installed was underway. 

 OPENING OF THE FIRST WING OF ST. STANISLAUS COLLEGE, 17th JANUARY, 1929. (left to right): Major W. Bain Gray, Director of Education, Fr. J. L. Morrison, S.J., Superior, Sir Gordon Guggishurg, K.C.M.G., Bishop Galton and Fr. George Weld, S.J., Headmaster.

 FOUR HEADMASTERS - Bishop Weld, S.J. (Headmaster from 1924 to 1932), Fr. John Marrion, S.J. (1932 to 1941, Fr. Francis Smith. S.J. (1941 to 1949) and Fr. Brian Scanell S.J. (1949 to the present time).

Courtesy: Catholic Standard 53rd Year, March 1957

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